Misagh Daraei is Looking for Cutting Edge Approaches to Energy Efficiency

Across the world, countless manufacturing corporate leaders are in dire need for evaluations of their planning and operating of energy consumption and production. Organizations, more so now than ever, are looking for new ways to implement and improve energy efficiency. With fossil fuels diminishing and the threat of global warming ever so prominent, manufacturers are seeking ways to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, while also looking to reduce company costs, risks, and carbon emissions.

Misagh Daraei is one person who has contributed a lot to the ever-growing field of energy management. Through his research and practice in energy auditing, Daraei is on the hunt for new “cutting edge” approaches to energy efficiency. Daily, Daraei provides services for many large manufacturing companies to monitor their energy efficiency and organizational sustainability. It’s his goal to produce and find unique strategies to manage energy consumption and costs for various organizations on a routine basis. Daraei says his energy management strategies are developed on an individual basis according to each organization’s needs, which could range from daily to yearly evaluation and reconstruction.

Daraei also is an expert in managing the risks associated with the redevelopment of an operational strategy. He has a strong reputation for identifying potential pitfalls in energy conservation measures, which is critical to his success. Daraei said that the energy market may be unpredictable and unrelenting, which makes the need for smart strategies that are regularly evaluated that much greater. His strategies usually include the re-development of organizational ideas and production to include energy impacts and energy monitoring at every level. Daraei has a history of sitting down, formulating, and implementing numerous successful strategic plans for large manufacturing companies. Through all Daraeis hard work, he has received recognition for his contributions to the PhD research in energy management.

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