Momar Sakanoko former professional basketball is ready to take over with the Be Great Company

Momar Sakanoko former professional basketballer is a wellknown figure in the sports world. His talent and hard-working mentality helped him get to where he’s at.

But Momar decided to retire from his basketball career after a successful season playing for the club of Bahia basket.

He said in a previous interview,” This is was my dream and I couldn’t wait to get at it”. Since the very beginning of Be Great Company the company is growing into one of the best in the world.

Momar’s vision and passion makes the difference, but heal so brought with him, some of the best sports agents around the world, marketing experts, managers, lawyers, film markers and more to take this company to the next level.

The Be Great company offer many different services such as management, marketing, branding, entertainment, and film production.

They hold now some of the most talented athletes around the world and have worked with well recognize brands like NIKE, PUMA and ADIDAS.

Momar believes that the company will be the best in the world and this sooner than we think.

When it comes to his future the french basketball star have shown a lot of confidence.  We should see the Be Great Company at the top in the years to come and this wouldn’t be a surprise.

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