Mr. Shahrokh Kiavash, a famous Iranian singer and musician, explained about sound making and sound training.

What is sound engineering and what is voice training like?

Due to the increasing role of voice education in the field of singing education, different interpretations and definitions have been created about the category of voice education, which in some cases can confuse us. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a clear definition of sound production and its impact on the quality of reading in order to have a proper understanding of it.

Unfortunately, superficial insights have become commonplace even among musicians, who consider sound training to be dependent on the singers’ style of music. For example, a student who wants to sing a traditional song, the first question he asks is “What style of sound do you offer?” Honestly, I want to sing Iranian… ”These friends believe that someone who sings original Iranian song should be trained in different ways in terms of sound compared to someone who is a pop singer, while the meaning of modern sound that corresponds to the latest methods It has been scientifically proven to be deeper than this adventure.

During singing, two basic and structurally completely different functions are formed in the same direction and parallel to each other. When a student wants to sing a song, at the same time he must use the sound facilities of his body in the best possible way to create a good sound, and he must also mentally cultivate and collect the insight that he has cooked and related to the relevant music and style. Has to offer. Sound making is directly related to the first function. So soundmaking in the general sense is a science that targets your awareness of your body as an instrument. In simpler language, it refers to how we can use our body’s sound features properly and naturally, and how these features can expand as our consciousness develops.

Sound making means how to deal with the amazing instrument we have and how we can increase our ability to perform. Just as a pianist strives to increase the ability to perform, he discovers the use of the weight of his hands as a skill to prevent any tension and contraction from his fingers; A singer should do the same in order to improve the control and release of his voice.

There is only one profound difference between playing and singing. An instrument like a piano is pre-designed to produce a proper, precise, melodious sound and color, and does not need to be redesigned, while in singing, you have to learn the techniques associated with the genre of music you want, your inner instrument. Design to produce the highest quality sound possible. This story has caused the song to sink into an aura of complex ambiguities, and for this reason we see the presence of a few people in Iran who can create a magical sound.

While teaching sound techniques is related to a completely specialized and modern science, which unfortunately has not received much attention in our country, and if there is a discourse in this field, it has been rejected scientifically for many years, and our professors are obsolete. They are unaware of it and still raise many such issues face to face in their education, which makes a student who by nature can not produce a good voice and needs careful training, with years of problems Which is rooted in the wrong reactions of his body, and finally, with a bag full of grief and sorrow, he is instilled with lost self-confidence, who is never talented in this field! While with the right training, he can easily achieve his dream and sing with excellent quality.

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