NeNe leaks is found to be struggling to find three nice things to be shared about Kenya Moore

It is an open secret that Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore share a volatile relationship. They are all about in the same situation for more than a year, and it appears as if the issues between them are getting worse. A number of recent events have practically rules out that there will be any chance of getting things better among them.

According to Moore, they began falling out during her pregnancy. Brooklyn was born on November 4, 2018. Moore shares Brooklyn with her present husband Marc Daly. She shared; “When I had a high-risk pregnancy, that I wanted my entire life, she never once called me,” Moore told Wendy Williams in November of 2019. “When I did show up, she never checked on my child. She never said, ‘Is everything okay?’ when she learned I wasn’t going to be on the show. She never said, ‘Are you okay girl, do you need anything?’ And then when she did see me eight months pregnant, she called me a monster and said that my child was a buffalo and she was hurling insults.

On November 24, Leakes came up on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. When she was asked to name three nice things about the earlier beauty queen, Leaks replied, “Yeah, sure. You know, I’m not the real evil one here, OK? Uh, I think she has nice contacts. … I think she has a nice grade of hair.”

On this Cohen remarked and begged the actor to be serious. He said, “Come on, NeNe, a real one please.” On this she responded, “These are so real; and I think the line around her lips is nice.

NeNeLeakes Is Struggling To Find Three Nice Things To Say About Kenya Moore – See The Video.

Leaks shared with Cohen that she wishes Moore will find peace in her romantic life. Moore filed for the divorce from Daly in September citing, “recent as well as ongoing circumstances.” She did not explain however rumors are that Dally was cheating on her and has been really abusive as well. “You should continue to watch the show because I actually do give her some advice that I do not want to give away, so tune in,” Leakes added. “I will say this: I’ve been married the longest in the group. I love love, and I hate to see a family break up, so I definitely offer advice.

Some of the people are laughing after knowing what NeNe said and called her queen of the shade, there are people who defended Kenya and claim that this is really childish. One of the commenter posted, “‘She has been jealous of Kenya..move on,’ while someone else wrote: ‘She knows it’s not that hard to compliment her! Remember this is someone’s granny acting like a child.”

Another one said, “I think Nene has a great surgeon, I think her new teeth are nice, and her wigs have upgraded tremendously.

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