One name that’s synonym to realism in writing and film making is that of Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi.

His work exudes genuineness and portrays real problems of people in its best form.

Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi has made a deep impact with his writing and filmmaking skills which have been widely appreciated owing to its factual display which is unseen in others work that occupies majority of space today. He has indeed spread his magic through his uncluttered, clear and genuine work which displays the actualities of life rather than fiction. The major factor that helps one race ahead of others is the passion and thirst to reach the top, no matter what setbacks and hurdles one has to face while walking down the path which ultimately leads to glory, if the person has the determination to pull it through, he will succeed, no matter what comes. This grit and sheer will to create a distinct niche for himself drew Ahmed to the path of undefined glory.

Coming from Unaizah, Saudi Arabia, this talented writer and filmmaker has reached a position from where he can call the shots. “the road to the top is not as easy as it seems, your journey might have all the possible factors which would try to pull you down, demotivate you and take up all your energy which would prevent you to march ahead, but if one is confident of his capabilities and has loads of self-belief, nothing can stop him.”

Ahmed’s work is well appreciated today, but that was not the case when he started off. His talent was doubted and his abilities were questioned, but he followed his instincts and dreams, which ultimately landed him in the top league. At the age of 18, he wrote his first novel Diwan-Al Orouba, which surprisingly won the readers hearts, making way for him into the world of writing. Going ahead, he honed his skills further and even exhibited his talent through filmmaking, which again was widely acclaimed making him one of the most realistic and genuine filmmakers on the block. Today, many of his films have been covered extensively by the press and have occupied columns in a majority of newspapers.

When asked about what is he coming up with in the near future, Ahmed says, “My latest work which is slated to release soon is about a girl who has to face prejudice, its a factual story which will definitely move hearts.”

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