Overcome the fear of starting a new business according to Ali Haji Mohammadi, the popular Iranian entrepreneur

Fear is a natural unpleasing sensitivity that is stimulated inside us against real dangers. Somehow fear exists intrinsically inside humans as well as happiness and anger.

Everyone when for the first time is employed for a job or starting a business faces some concerns like “what if I won’t be able to handle the work and get fired” or “what if I don’t make enough money and get broken and skint”. These fears are natural and rational, but the irrational part is when you stop progressing because of these fears. By caring about these obsessions, you may lose golden opportunities while another person by ignoring and overcoming these fears and with positive energy says “yes!” to any chance.

Why are we afraid of starting a new business?

Any businessman is anxious about their performance which comes out from some weaknesses in their business aspects. In other words, anyone considering their experience, knowledge, and talent, is confident in something and weak in others.

I don’t know where to start!

The starting point is crucial, so, everybody must know to start by doing what and where to finish. To know how and where to start, do some research about successful and active people in the business and find out how they start their business. Read articles and books related to what you aim to perform or watch documentaries on this matter.

I’m not an expert!

Running a business on your own needs some specializations; for example, if you want to run carpentry, you must have been working in a carpentry in advance and acquired the required knowledge for that, then you can work independently. If you don’t have adequate information about the products you sell, it won’t be reasonable for the customers to buy your goods, because you can’t provide them with the information they need and consequently they won’t trust you. You should seek knowledge and experience continuously. 

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