Ratan Tata is nominated as a trustee for the PM CARES Fund

The PM CARES Fund Trustee has been nominated to Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons.
In addition to Ratan Tata, other notable individuals have been proposed as trustees of the PM CARES Fund, including former Supreme Court justice KT Thomas and former deputy Lok Sabha speaker Kariya Munda.

Tuesday’s Board of Trustees meeting of the PM CARES Fund was headed over by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Trustees were warmly welcomed by the Prime Minister as an essential component of the PM CARES Fund.

According to him, the addition of new Trustees and Advisors will give the PM CARES Fund’s operations a wider perspective. They would bring additional vigour to make the fund more responsive to various public needs thanks to their extensive experience in public life.

Discussions about extending PM CARES’s scope also took place. According to the trustees, this programme has a bigger vision that includes building capacity and successfully responding to emergencies. The fund presently assists 4,345 children, according to a presentation on the numerous efforts carried out using the money.

The PMO states that the trustees’ duties also include drafting and submitting all files, accounts, and returns as required by applicable legislation and overseeing the contribution process to guarantee correct application of the trust property.

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