Ready to revolutionize the financial industry in the Middle East is Tax Tech Tax Consultancy (TXTK)

For helping business owners and SMEs, it will provide industry-best digital tax solutions.

Isn’t it wondrous to learn about companies that have been created with the genuine intent to not just take over their respective fields, but most importantly, to bring about massive developments? There is no dearth of such brands and businesses in the world, but a few of them have totally stunned people with their extensive services and solutions built with the aim to bring about revolutionary changes in their respective industries. Doing exactly that and much more in the vast financial world is Tax Tech Tax Consultancy (TXTK), a financial firm soon to be launched in the Middle East, the UAE. It has been created with the aim to simplify tax-related things for business owners and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The right technology makes everything effective and efficient is what the team behind Tax Tech Tax Consultancy believes in. Hence, it will work towards making everything convenient for these businesses when it comes to taxation. It is the digital tax solution that companies have been looking for, for years. Business owners can apply for a new tax identification number in just three simple steps with their unique platform. It requires tax number amendment, cancels tax registration numbers and helps in reducing tax penalty through the TXTK tax platform.

TXTK’s tax professionals have the expertise and skills to help SMEs using advanced tax technologies at any stage in acquiring digital tax solutions. Tax Tech Tax Consultancy will help business owners keep tax records, generate account ledger, reduce tax compliance risk, create tax credit notes and tax invoice as requested by the Federal Tax Authority.

Apart from the services mentioned above, TXTK aims to help their clients by making them understand the financial position of their company and also provide individual tax consultant for professional tax advice and customized tax solutions for their businesses.

Tax Tech Tax Consultancy is seen as an unparalleled company and a platform that is built on the genuine intention to make everything convenient for businesses, first across the Middle East and then across the world.

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