Release Notes For Tesla App 4.30.5

Bluetooth Music

Tesla has recently included a ‘Set Up Bluetooth Audio’ option in the Security & Drivers part of the app, which instructs customers on how to pair their phone with their car in order to play music via Bluetooth.

Fee for Solar Availability

Numerous nations, including many in Europe, now offer Tesla’s Charge on Solar feature.

Tesla owners may use the excess solar energy produced by their home’s solar panels to charge their automobiles thanks to the company’s revolutionary Charge on Solar function. Users are provided with two car charge limits: a minimum limit that permits the vehicle to be charged using any available energy, and an additional, higher limit that the vehicle will only be able to charge with clean, solar energy.

Options for Communication

‘News and Events’ has been renamed as Communication Preferences by Tesla. Currently, Tesla sends you to your web Tesla account where you may choose to receive news by email and app notifications, rather than just having a toggle to do so. Additionally, it allows you to choose to receive info about investors.

Membership Without Tesla Charging

The membership for non-Tesla charging has been renamed to just “Membership” and is now included in a new category called “For Your Other EV.”

With Tesla’s Supercharging Membership, you can use certain Superchargers to charge non-Tesla vehicles at the same speed as a Tesla. In the US, the subscription costs $12.99.

Conversation Partner

Tesla has incorporated a virtual assistant that provides answers to frequently asked issues under the help area of the app (located under the question mark symbol in the new menu).

Prior to the most recent app version, a server-side configuration change was made to allow this feature.

Fresh Menu

Tesla has unveiled a new menu that more logically reorganises its numerous account and product settings. The user’s avatar is replaced with the menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

Additionally, Tesla has included a new menu that appears next to the name of your home or car and allows you to flip between each product without having to swipe to the side.

Prior to the most recent app version, a server-side configuration change was made to allow this feature.

Release Notes for Tesla App 4.30

Demo of Tesla Energy

Tesla has included a Tesla Home demo to the app so that users may experience what it’s like to have these features even if they don’t have Tesla Solar or a Powerwall.

There can see all the information related to these items as well as a demonstration house equipped with solar and a Powerwall. The interface is interactive and allows you to use the app as if you had these goods installed, even if the data is static and never changes. You may see graphs showing your energy impact, solar generation, Powerwall consumption, and even an off-grid simulation.

To see the Powerwall demo, first tap the image of Order Now from your profile. Then, swipe to the final card, which should say Demo Powerwall, and scroll to the bottom of the screen.

Despite being somewhat hidden, this function is fantastic since it provides consumers with a thorough understanding of what owning a Powerwall is like and enriches the Tesla app with detailed information.

Graphs with Wall Connectors

Tesla has updated the Wall Connector’s Energy component. Tesla will now display comprehensive charging graphs with the Wall Connector v3, also known as the Universal Wall Connector, that resemble the graphs used for solar and Powerwall.

You can download the graph data as a CSV file and view the graphs on a daily, monthly, or annual basis. Complete charging information will only be accessible after January 16, 2024.

The Charge History section still has access to the daily tabular data.

omprehensive Final Charge

You may now see a detailed view of your most recent Supercharger experience on the Tesla app. Now that you’ve selected Profile > Account > Charging, Tesla will show the specifics of your most recent session at the top, including energy, time, and cost information.

Tesla will show you more information if you hit View Details, including the address and map of the Supercharger station, along with the name of the location, the date, and the time of the charging session.

Section of Services

The help sections that were previously accessible under Profile > Help are now linked from the service section.

With this version, the newly launched ‘Ask a Question’ service has been eliminated, and users will now have to select a topic in order to submit a service request.

Tesla and Powerwall Solar Widgets

There are newly updated Powerwall and Tesla Solar widgets for the iPhone and iPad. Customers of Tesla Energy get access to two additional widgets. The car widgets are still the same from the prior version.

The big energy widget adds a model of the house and shows the daily electricity consumption, while the little energy widget shows the amount of solar energy produced and the Powerwall’s current charge.

App Shortcuts Enhancements

One can now enable or disable Tesla’s phone key using scripting in the iOS Apple Shortcuts app. This enables you to design automations that change the phone key’s usability according to factors like location or other variables.

Tesla has updated the Shortcuts app recently, adding features exclusive to the Cybertruck, like power outlets, bed lights, and tonneau cover opening and closing.

Messages about Powerwall Status

With this upgrade, Powerwall system status messages have been improved, according to Tesla.

Release Notes for Tesla App 4.29

Cards with Keys

Tesla updated the Drivers & Security section. A list of every feature has replaced the huge image at the top.

Additionally, Tesla has made it possible to use the app to add a new key card or reset your phone’s key.

Reminiscent Cards

Tesla teases the introduction of commemorative cards in an upcoming update. These could be accolades or collecting cards for completing tasks or hitting particular mileage or car milestones, like driving 50,000 miles or activating pre-conditioning for the first time.

Tesla_App_iOS found the card layout in the source code of the app. Though they don’t give any indications as to what will be on each card, they do tell that there will be common versions and rare variants (gold) of each card. It might have emblems of exceptional success or particular Tesla items, like to Apple Watch fitness badges.

It’s unclear, though, whether China would be the only country to use this feature—the pictures are only available in Chinese.

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