Robotics Startup Terrahaptix Exits Defense Market Ahead of Factory Launch

Terrahaptix, a robotics business, declared that its defense branch will be closing.

The corporation is changing its focus to serve the worldwide commercial market and will no longer be developing or researching military equipment as of right now. Since resuming full operations four months ago, Terrahaptix has brought in about $1 million from business clients.

The business recently debuted Artemis, an automated operating platform, and Archer, its flagship surveillance drone, both of which were intended to be dual-use devices.

The board has been discussing the kind of legacy we want to leave behind ever since we started this company. We don’t want to be in charge of moral catastrophes. In a news release, co-founder Nathan Nwachuku states. “As we get ready to launch our Abuja manufacturing facility, we want to produce low-cost, mobile robots and automate core industries globally, not fight wars.”

Today, automation and robotics are changing vital industries that support our civilization, including mining, agriculture, energy, and construction. These industries together account for a $268.4 billion worldwide market. Therefore, it seems logical that, in contrast to Defense, Terrahaptix should redirect its strategy toward the commercial arena, where there is less friction.

With this move, Terrahaptix is now directly competing against major international competitors like Chinese behemoth DJI and US company Boston Dynamics. This will be the last big test for the company’s low-cost, high-volume production strategy of using Africa as a manufacturing base.

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