Role of Brittny Ellington in empowering single moms

America is brimming with talented and hardworking women who can contribute a massive amount of economic wealth to the country’s economy. Such powerful women are capable of empowering the ones who are struggling, both mentally and physically, in society and facing multiple hardships daily. Brittny Ellington is one of the young entrepreneurs in Brooklyn, New York, who is making efforts to make single moms and women in general aware of how they can increase their earnings and provide a better living for their families. Brittny is not only planning to help such women, but she is also providing resources and building a vast network of women who can help each other. Her short-term goal is to create a single mom community and sisterhood. These communities will make up a large part of The Daughter House Project, a single mom initiative missioned to help single moms create balance and live in their truth through financial literacy, career development and self-care. She envisions this community to grow on a larger scale and expand into multiple single mom chapters by State in the long-term. The goal is to make single mothers financially and emotionally stable to eliminate the emotional barriers associated with raising children alone.

Brittny’s venture, The Daughter House Project, is one of the pioneers in building a single mom community. It has moved mountains to help single moms be independent in society. The Daughter House Project is in full swing to launch this year. The plan is to offer resources, products and services to single moms in a fun, unique and exciting way. Brittny’s goal is to grab the attention of all women and inspire them to take part in this powerful initiative to bridge these significant societal gaps. There has never been a better time than now to make single moms a huge focus in terms of support as we come out of this pandemic. Brittny Ellington has pledged to bring together these women and make them more vital than ever.

Suppose you are a woman in business and would like to be part of this initiative. You can reach out to

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