Salaman Rasoli Shares How He Plans to Inspire Upcoming Students in Medicine

Salaman Rasoli had a broad interest as a college undergraduate, including computer engineer and criminal justice. But there were two primary factors that brought him to pursuing a career in medicine: the loss of one of his childhood best friends, and his desire in pursuing a career that would give back to underserved communities. Salaman is currently in his final months of PA school and is looking to practice in the pediatric department upon graduation.

During his time as a student studying medicine, Salaman has accumulated an impressive resume regarding leadership work. As an undergraduate, besides volunteering at free clinics, he helped raise thousands of dollars for a charity organization for the homeless; all while achieving his BS degree in Cellular & Molecular Biology with honors. If that was not enough, Salaman also has been investing his time into other prospective students during his time as a PA student via mentorship. “What first started as a hobby of mine helping other students get into healthcare related programs, has now turned into a business.” Says Salaman. “Word spread around fast, and next thing I know is my social media platforms getting blown up with messages on students that want guidance and mentorship.”

Salaman now has a website where he provides services for undergraduates regarding tutoring, mentorship, personal statement assistance, and even mock interviews. “I had to figure all this stuff out on my own as an undergraduate student, and it was very frustrating that my councilors were not of much help.” Salaman states. Through his social media platforms, Salaman has been able to get dozens of undergraduate students accepted into healthcare related programs successfully. His unique set of experiences and skills can be said to separate him from his competitors. “Before starting PA school, I already had the skill set from being an organic chemistry tutor and assistant lab professor from my time as an undergraduate. I also was offered to be a chemistry MCAT instructor for ThePrincetonReview. It was shortly after this time; I noticed a lack in proper study techniques by students that translated to poor exam scores in their rigorous pre-healthcare coursework. I decided that some-time in the future, I was going to create a program to teach these students how to properly study and the necessary steps needed to be a successful applicant. That time is now.”

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