Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 Leaked Through Promo Material

A week from now is the debut day. And then a significant leak surfaced, revealing every detail of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6. When Evan Blass got his hands on the duo’s promotional materials, he revealed all of their secrets. Now you get a sneak peek at whatever they have in store for the Unpacked event.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6

Everything you’ve been told about the boxy redesign of the Fold design. To put it simply, they were spot on.Additionally, they are using an IP48 rated chassis made of armored aluminum that is resistant to dust and water.

Naturally, AI is integrated into every aspect of the operating system. The most bizarre things may be done with the AI Note Summary using Note Assist, Interpreter function, and Circle to Search. They increased the brightness by 1.5 times. It currently peaks at 2600 nits. That promotional content lacked any specificity. They did, however, outperform their previous Z Fold 5 in the performance category.

They have raised the ante with their Z Fold 6. In the end, it’s faster by 18% on the CPU, 19% on the GPU, and 42% on the NPU. There are three cameras: a 12 MP ultrawide, a 10 MP (3x) optical, and a 50 MP first.

even if 4400 mAh is the same capacity as previously. Samsung was able to extend the battery life of the Z Fold 6 with a little hard and soft tweaking. Additionally, there are two 120Hz 2X Dynamic AMOLEDs on either side. 6.2″ externally and 7.6″ within.

Flip 6 Samsung Galaxy Z

Z Flip 6: it was made to be smaller. There are new accents surrounding the camera. However, this cannot be said about the cover screen. The AI on this one is useful for chat history and chat recommendation. Others are swaggering in there, of course, and you have to circle to search.

Speaking of the new prime 50MP lens, there is something to say. It might perform better in low light and portrait photography. If the hardware isn’t up to the task, ProVisual Engine and AI assist in taking high-quality pictures.The battery capacity was increased dramatically from 3700 to 4000 mAh. Thus, the runtimes appear to be good.

This is the IP48 rating, which is the same as Z Fold 6. The Gorilla Glass Victus 2 folding visor’s 6.6″ 2x Dynamic AMOLED screen is protected. And as a result, it is stronger. Outside is a 3.3″ cover display that is just as important as the previous one. Unfortunately for those who prefer AMOLEDs, this one is IPS 720p.

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