Sandra Wright Shares How to Successfully Utilize Speed Keto for Losing Weight!

Intro: Sandra Wright tells us of her struggles with regular Keto and she continues with comparing it to the Speed Keto variant. She then goes into detail of how long she’d been following Speed Keto, what advice she’d give to anyone hesitant to try it, and what seems to be her highlight of the story, how you could lose weight without having the need to exercise just by simply sticking with the Speed Keto diet plan.

Additionally, she acknowledges Speed Keto as a plateau-breaking program that could help anyone ranging from your average Joe to an experienced athlete.

What did you have the most trouble with while on regular Keto, or why did regular Keto not work for you and Speed Keto did?

Sandra Wright: I was surprised to find that with regular Keto the recipes still contained a lot of fake sugar & other ingredients that caused a stall or weight gain. There’s so many food items that contain sugar that you would never know until you start the Speed Keto program.

How often (or how long) have you done Speed Keto?

Sandra Wright: I first got into Speed Keto quite a while ago, and after reaching my weight loss goals, I now occasionally do a round if needed to help with maintaining my weight.

What advice do you have for someone who is hesitant to try Speed Keto?

Sandra Wright: My advice is and always will be “What do you have to lose”? If you don’t try Speed Keto you’ll never know how easy it is to lose weight, and the second you do try it, you’ll be farther ahead than you were the day before. It’s an amazing program that really works. Everyone has the opportunity to change their lives and how they feel about themselves in just 31 days.

What kind of physical activity or exercise (if any) did you do while on Speed Keto? Were you surprised that exercise was not required to lose weight? Or were you able to contain your physical fitness level while on Speed Keto without issues?

Sandra Wright: I was very surprised to find that I could still lose weight without exercising. I had been a long distance runner for 30 years and lost a lot of weight but as my body stabilized I couldn’t lose additional weight. Then I realized that I needed to change my eating program. That’s when I joined Speed Keto and it was the correct way. The weight melted off without much exercise. Although exercising is very beneficial and is highly recommended for heart health and other benefits it’s not required to lose weight.

How would you rate the level of support that you receive from the Speed Keto Facebook group moderators and group members?

Sandra Wright: OMG, what can I say about the support staff & moderators! They are the best! They are like my second family, I love them to pieces. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have them. They answer every question and direct you to where you can find all your answers and information to make your journey a success. They never run out of patience and are very supportive in your journey to succeed

What are your current weight OR health goals like after trying Speed Keto? (How did they change?)

Sandra Wright: My goal after trying Speed Keto is maintaining my weight. Now that I know that this program works and it is sustainable compared to other programs, I know I can maintain my weight with Speed Keto because all the recipes are delicious. You would never know that you can eat some of the food items listed in the program and still lose weight. I trust this program because I have seen the success personally.

How long did it take for Speed Keto to start working for you?

Sandra Wright: Within the first week I saw results, my bloating had decreased tremendously and the cravings had almost stopped. No other program had ever worked to stop or subside the cravings.

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