Shakib Al Hasan’s Direct Reaction When Angelo Mathews Asked If He Would Retract His ‘Timed Out’ Appeal

Shakib Al Hasan affirmed that Angelo Mathews came dependent upon him and inquired as to whether he would considering pulling out bid after the last option was given ‘planned out’ in the Bangladesh versus Sri Lanka World Cup match.

The Bangladesh versus Sri Lanka World Cup match created one of the most disputable occasions of the mission after Angelo Mathews was given ‘planned out’. It was Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan who pursued after the Sri Lanka all-rounder missed the 2-minute course of events to be prepared for the following conveyance of the over. Mathews even inquired as to whether he would consider pulling out the allure as the postponement was down to a protective cap issue, the Bangladesh skipper comprehensively denied, saying he would rather not.

As Shakib arrived at the post-match public interview, generally the of the inquiries he confronted spun around the Mathews occurrence. Shakib dug into the subtleties, uncovering that it was one of his partners who raised engaging for ‘coordinated out’.

In any event, when discussions with the umpire and Mathews occurred about getting back to the Sri Lanka star back by pulling out the allure, Shakib said he needed to stay fair and square.

“One of our fielders came to me and said, if you appeal, the law says he’s out because he hasn’t taken his guard within the time frame. So, then I appealed to the umpires, umpire told me whether you’re going to call him back or not, if I said he’s out, then you call him back, it doesn’t look good. I said I won’t call him back.

“We have been playing since 2006, you know, against each other. We have played a lot of games against Sri Lanka. I know him very well; he knows me very well. So, he came and asked me whether if I withdraw my appeal or not If I want to, I said, you know, I understand your situation. It was unfortunate, but I don’t want to,”he uncovered.

When inquired as to whether over-rate was an explanation for the occurrence, Shakib affirmed that it wasn’t.

No, I thought we were not delayed on over rates today. However, better believe it, it was in the guidelines that a batsman needs to come to the wrinkle inside that specific timeframe and he wasn’t there around then.

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