Sinan Ezam : the way to operate the US stock exchange

How to Trade Forex:

Due to the event of communication sciences and, during this regard, the planet Wide Web, people can now be in identical conditions with speculators, investment companies, etc., through brokers who hook up with the bank through the network. At any time, they collect exchange rates from different banks, and by clicking on their trading software (Platform), which they also provide to their customers, they send the exchange rates from the web to the specified trading software. And customers transfer their orders to the relevant broker through similar software. It will be said that the intermediary factor between personal traders (Traders) and the market is that the broker and a vital role of the broker are to transfer the trading orders of the trader to the world market.

Therefore, it is necessary to settle on a broker to exchange the interchange market. To form interchange transactions, the client must sign a contract with the specified broker and deposit the specified amount to the account number specified by the broker. This sediment supports transactions and is opened within the customer’s name. The broker gives the customer the username and password number (Password, login name) to the opened trading account so that the customer can through the trading software that it’s provided and accesses its trading account through the net network and efficiently conduct interchange transactions and any changes (auditing profit and loss, and capital status, etc.) that in Observe the effect of interchange transactions simultaneously within the accounting section of its trading software, which has the following:

1- kind of currency traded 2- Price of the transaction 3- Size or volume of the transaction 4- Determining the operation (purchase or sale) and supporting these variables, the broker acts and receives a trading fee (Spread) reciprocally for these services.

The activities of natural and legal persons in Forex are seen in 5 cases:

1 – Trading 2 – Broker operations 3 – Broker agency 4 – Training 5 – Signal and expert sales

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