Starbucks is the Newest Company to Open a Movie Studio

The coffee chain recently revealed that it is entering the film industry. It is formally establishing Starbucks Studios, its own production firm.

The behemoth in coffee has always supported narrative, according to a statement on its website. The production firm will enable Starbucks to further its purpose and “to nurture the limitless possibilities of human connection,” according to a statement from Christy Cain, vice president of brand and partnerships marketing. Starbucks promotes “human connection and joy.”

She went on, “We’re honored to have the opportunity to shine a light on the stories and people who inspire us, from young, emerging artists to innovators, changemakers and others who are making a positive impact on the world.” 

But the chain isn’t making this happen by itself. Starbucks and Sugar23, a media business formed by Oscar-winning producer Michael Sugar, who also specializes in bridging the gap between brands and entertainment, will work together on projects like Spotlight and Collateral Beauty.

In the announcement, Sugar stated, “Storytelling is deeply ingrained in what Starbucks does, and Starbucks Studios is a natural extension of these efforts.” “Together, we will harness the power of storytelling to foster connections, inspire change, and build a stronger sense of community. We’re excited to work alongside the incredible Starbucks team and invite all our collaborators in Hollywood and beyond to join us in creating premium entertainment.”

Although it might seem far-fetched, Starbucks has been growing in a number of
Though it might sound extreme, Starbucks has been growing in many different ways. It aims to create thousands more stores in the United States and abroad, and in April it announced the launch of a new global leadership program.

It’s not the first company to enter the film industry. The chain is one of several companies growing in this manner. The upscale clothing brand of the same name is the source of Saint Laurent Productions. LVMH, Mailchimp, and AB InBev have all established their own production businesses. Naturally, Mattel recently made a lot of money (or Barbie blonde) with the Barbie film, but the strategy isn’t entirely new: Entertainment initiatives have been sponsored by brands since the radio era.

It’s true that creativity and coffee have long gone hand in hand. Additionally, Starbucks has experience in the film industry. Prior entertainment ventures comprised two seasons of Upstanders, a show about people making a difference in their communities, and Hingakawa, a narrative about forgiveness and coffee, naturally. The six-part documentary This is Football was also produced by the brand.

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