For royal vacation butler not included, ‘New prince of Bel-Air’ mansion hits AIRBNB

Thirty years after Will Smith took a gander at his realm and sat on his seat as the “New Prince of Bel-Air”. he’s allowing fans to book the celebrated house on Airbnb. Enormous Willie and the excursion rental organization are collaborating to lease a segment of the renowned Brentwood chateau that was utilized as the outside for the hit sitcom during six inconceivably effective seasons during the ’90s. The manor offers admittance to what exactly would have been Will’s room and washroom on the show alongside the poolside relax region…

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“THE CRAZY HOST FROM AIRBNB ATTACKS AGAIN” – Olivia Molina shares more screenshots

We saw in a recent article how Olivia Molina is preparing a law suit against company Airbnb, as in her latest Airbnb stay, her landlord constantly harassed her and sent her hate messages and intimidating phone calls. Until now Airbnb is not taking action on the case. Recently, Olivia posted screenshots of their full conversations on her instagram platform @molina.oliviaa with the landlord showing his true side again proving Olivia’s right. This Airbnb host named Mike created multiple fake accounts and again texted her several times with very perturbing messages which Olivia…

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