Get to know Nakshrajsinh Sisodia and his Passion for Fashion Designing

Introduction The world of fashion is a huge world in itself. It is the representation of the particular content related to this field for a specific time as the trends continue to change day by day. The fashion industry has grown a lot in the past decades. In our daily lives, we come across many people, and we see different fashion trends. If you ever get the chance to compare the fashion trends, you may notice that they are different from one country to another. People may divide and belong…

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Inspiration to the women of every age- Pallavi Aggarwal celebrity fashion designer

What is there that isn’t possible with sheer dedication and innovative ideas? I guess , nothing is impossible and we have the super talented example set for you in form of a gracious lady , pallavi Aggarwal. The 40 year old lady , and mother of a 14 year-old son is no less than an inspiration for the ladies out there looking for their career oomph . Started a brand that is now popular among all the celebrities of bollywood. Paramitas by pallavi aggarwal was her dream and she made…

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