5 ways to be healthy: tips from Yamily Benigni

Yamily Benigni is a popular Instagram influencer from Brazil, she is a chef, food blogger and a half-marathoner who shares her healthy recipes to help people live a lighter life. She became one of the most followed influencers on Instagram in Brazil after losing 20 kg herself and completed her first half-marathon. Today she is telling us how she keeps active to be healthy. 1 – Reduce driving and ride more The best and easier way to keep active is to reduce your driving and ride a bike often. If…

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Six Tips to Become an Instagram Influencer by Kerllen Bittencourt Rego 

The question that I most received is how to become an instagram influencer.Well, I’ll share my experience as an Instagram influencer and six ways you can get started today!In 2012 I created a profile @kerllenrego where I aspire others with an healthy lifestyle. On my feed I share photos of my personal life and lots of motivation that my audience loves. Everyone wants to inspire others to start a new caption of their lives and I pleased to do this sharing my passion for sports and for the healthy lifestyle.  Now let’s talk…

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