5 ways to be healthy: tips from Yamily Benigni

Yamily Benigni is a popular Instagram influencer from Brazil, she is a chef, food blogger and a half-marathoner who shares her healthy recipes to help people live a lighter life.

She became one of the most followed influencers on Instagram in Brazil after losing 20 kg herself and completed her first half-marathon.

Today she is telling us how she keeps active to be healthy.

1 – Reduce driving and ride more

The best and easier way to keep active is to reduce your driving and ride a bike often. If you live near your gym or like to go to the market, think about riding more your bike to burn some calories and do some outdoor cardio. You will be amazed by the results.

2 – Try to walk at least 6.000 steps a day

If you monitor your steps, you may see that some days you are not walking enough. If that is the case, try to increase to 6.000 steps every day until you build up to 10.000 steps per day.

3 – Change the elevator for stairs

If you work on the 7th floor of a building, for example, try to take the elevator to the 5th floor, this way you can use the stair up to the 7th floor of your office. Then, every day tries to increase the steps, by leaving on the 4th, next week 3rd floor, after one month you will be able to use the stairs until your 7th floor without even get tired.

4 – Work on a standing desk
In the beginning, it can be hard, but a standing desk could help you improve your cardio and make you move involuntarily.

5 – Sit less move more

If you prefer sitting, try to change your chair for an exercise ball. It may help with your core as you have to keep your balance all the time.

You can also find Yamily on Instagram @yamilybenigni


Six Tips to Become an Instagram Influencer by Kerllen Bittencourt Rego 

The question that I most received is how to become an instagram influencer.
Well, I’ll share my experience as an Instagram influencer and six ways you can get started today!
In 2012 I created a profile @kerllenrego where I aspire others with an healthy lifestyle. On my feed I share photos of my personal life and lots of motivation that my audience loves. 
Everyone wants to inspire others to start a new caption of their lives and I pleased to do this sharing my passion for sports and for the healthy lifestyle. 

Now let’s talk about the tips to become an Instagram Influencer .

1. Be Unique. 
I love the word UNIQUENESS, what makes you different from the others. This is where you should focus on. Think what makes you special. This needs to be something you’re passionate about. Something in which you have a good deal of knowledge and interest. Just because someone else is doing something and is successful, doesn’t mean you should too.
YOU SHOULD BE UNIQUELY and PASSIONATE for what you are sharing.

2. Share Your Stories 
To become a Instagram influencer you cannot be shy, you should share your stories in a way that your audience finds interesting. Please don’t forget to be authentic on your videos and that you have to be able to influence them with your stories of course!

3. Post regularly
You should do daily posts with attractive photos and a good message to grab the followers attention and to get a great engagement. You don’t need to do something hard, you just need to be yourself, that’s it! 

4. Interaction
This is what you should start acting on. That’s so important. I spend hours replying comments and DM. 
If you wish to become an Instagram influencer, pick your mobile and start interacting on your Instagram account, make them feel they are talking to a person and not posting on a wall on picture.

5. High-Quality
If you want your account grow you have to invest in a mobile phone and a camera and spend hours taking photos to make a great content. 
The quality of the content you put out there will determine if people like, comment and follow your account.
You must produce quality content and not quantity. 

6. Consistency
One of the biggest factors when it comes to being successful at anything is consistency.
Whether it be the time of your posting, the nature of your post, or the voice of your post, all the factors of your page must be consistent. They follow you because there is a certain level of expectation that has been set. 

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