Progress to 5G will cause 3G phones to quit working

Pennsylvania occupants are being approached to plan for the stage out of older phones.

The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) and the Pennsylvania State Police said they are planning for the stage out of 3G cell organizations and service in 2022.

“The best plan of action is to contact your service provider to determine if your devices are compliant,” said Jeff Boyle, PEMA’s deputy for 911. “It’s important to plan now so you don’t lose connectivity.”

The country’s three significant wireless carriers – AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile – have reported designs to close down their 3G organizations to accommodate more advanced services, including 5G, as soon as February.

Subsequently, numerous older phones will not be able to settle on or get decisions and instant messages or use information services.

“If your mobile phone is more than a few years old, you may need to upgrade your device before your provider shuts down its 3G network and you lose service, including the ability to call 911,” said Lt. Adam Reed, PSP’s communications office director. “During an emergency, every minute counts, whether you need police, fire or medical assistance.”

The move may likewise influence different gadgets that depend on 3G connectivity, for example, medical alert devices, tablets, smart watches, home security systems, and in-vehicle safety, security, and roadside assistance systems.

Most clients of these services will be informed straight by the carriers on the off chance that this discontinuation influences them.

Clients of older phones that are utilized distinctly for 911 connectivity, in any case, may not get the notice assuming they don’t have active service with a carrier.

Associations that serve people experiencing homelessness or survivors of domestic violence sometimes give customers older phones without a service plan for making emergency calls.

Clients of these sorts of 911 just phones should check with the association that gave the phone about their options.

Low-income people worried that their 911-just phones will never again be supported can consider applying for service through the Federal Communications Commission’s Lifeline program.


Sergey Tokarev and KSE establish IT university: Startup as diploma and new model of paying for education

In September 2022, SET University, a new Ukrainian technological university, will accept its first students. The university is a joint project of Sergey Tokarev, the Founding Partner at Roosh, and the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE). The university’s uniqueness consists in a special approach to teaching: instead of the classical learning model with the subsequent theses, students will present a startup. The best ones will also get funding.

SET University: Background and unique approach to teaching

The abbreviation SET in the university’s name stands for Science, Entrepreneurship, and Technology. This is the main principle that guides the university founders: to train future IT specialists who can move the world, using scientific and technological advances, as well as teaching them basic entrepreneurial skills. According to Sergey Tokarev, the main task is to train not just IT personnel but experienced entrepreneurs able to transfer the technological industry of Ukraine from outsourcing to its own production.

To achieve this, students will gain both theoretical and practical skills that will help them promote their startups and develop business plans properly. For this purpose, a Startup Garage will operate at the university—similar ones are successfully functioning at Stanford and other foreign-based universities.

Sergey Tokarev thought of establishing SET University after he had faced a shortage of IT professionals. At the moment, his portfolio includes over 100 startups, including the well-known Reface. And for further development of his portfolio companies, the IT investor needs well-trained specialists.

At the moment, the shortage of personnel in the Ukrainian IT industry is 50,000—100,000, and every year it increases by 25-30% and can grow up to 50-60%.

In 2021, the Kyiv School of Economics joined the project. It was not by chance that Tokarev attracted it to the university establishment. KSE graduates are considered the most knowledgeable specialists, and the teaching staff includes professors that graduated from foreign-based universities with extensive practical experience. In addition, Nobel Laureate Roger Myerson is a member of the KSE International Academic Board.

According to Tymofiy Mylovanov, President at the Kyiv School of Economics, the aim is to create a university that will be able to change the old education system and become an example for other IT universities.

Learning process

At the moment, SET University is considering the requests from IT companies and applicants to draw up the list of study majors. Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Data Science are among the most popular ones.

The university intends to invite the leading IT managers and engineers, professors of the best universities, as well as practitioners from major Ukrainian and international companies.

According to the university founders, the education will be accessible to every one, since its cost will be the same as at the Kyiv School of Economics. In addition, Sergey Tokarev, as well as other private investors, IT companies, and funds are ready to provide grants and scholarships to aspiring innovators.

However, the university will focus on the income share agreement model. That is, the students will sign an agreement on the basis of which 

young IT specialists will cover their education expenses during the several years with a certain percentage of their salaries after they get a job.

The applicants will be able to file their documents to SET University from July 1, when registration in digital accounts opens. They can upload a package of necessary documents there. From July 14, the university will begin accepting applications, and in August it will sign agreements with the accepted applicants. Classes will start in September.


Where to start for singing !? Speeches of Farhad Forootani, a popular Iranian singer

 Due to the lack of principles and framework to enter the field of singing, if you ask anyone who is with you right now, what should you do to sing?  I work, he says go to singing class and you go to singing class and you tell yourself that this training course is over, now I can sing x and y at the level of Mr. or Mrs. and enjoy the objects!

 In that class, you will learn valuable material that is useful to you (of course, if the class you went to is related to the style you want to work in, because most of our country’s singing classes teach authentic traditional singing)

  Some people go to a salfage class to improve their music knowledge and strengthen their musical ear and intelligence.

 Inside these classes, you will learn valuable material that is useful for your reading, but none of this will be useful to you until you have a capable voice.

 The rows and intervals and notes that you learned in these classes are of no use to you until you are able to play the notes of those steps and rows.

 Like this, buy a car that does not have an engine.

 On the other hand, we do not need the knowledge of reading and writing to speak, but in order to improve the way we speak, we definitely need the knowledge of reading and writing.

 We do not need music science to sing, but in order to perform more beautifully, we definitely need music science.

 The things that may happen to those loved ones who go through this course before making a sound are that because they perform without awareness and without mastering their voice:

 They have a sore throat;

 Their voices are heard;

 Their throats become itchy and burning;

 Because their performances are accompanied by pressure and tension, they cause serious damage to the vocal cords.

 Like this monkey will tell you to drive less so that your car engine does not break down;  This is the worst kind of attitude towards singing and there is no need for these irrational avoidances.

 Just remove enough pressure and tension from the vocal cords and take control of your own voice.  Sound making works exactly with your sound production system so that you can control all the areas of your voice and easily perform your speech without pushing, pulling and damaging the vocal cords.


Getting Up Close And Personal With Bespoke Tailoring Fashion Icon, Alessandro Marinella

Coming from a tradition of bespoke tailoring excellence, Alessandro Marinella has cemented his place in the global fashion scene. With a background of top-notch fashion culture, the young entrepreneur is pushing the Neapolitan trend across frontiers. 

Riding on his great grandfather’s masterpiece, the E.Marinella brand has become a universal symbol of craftsmanship and bespoke tailoring excellence. The brand was conceived by Don Eugenio Marinella, in 1914, when the fashion icon first launched the brand from a small shop in Naples, Italy. Today, Don Eugenio Marinella’s vision has become a reputable brand to be reckoned with.

E.Marinella is best known for producing unique handcrafted neckties. Ties that are now adorned by some of the most influential personalities in the world because it adequately represents excellence.

Alessandro Marinella, the current brand manager of E.Marinella, is charged with the responsibility of upholding the brand’s excellence, and the chief executive has been living up to the expectation. Under him, E.Marinella has reached new frontiers and adopted the latest fashion trends to provide the best bespoke fashion services.

Recently, I caught up with the young entrepreneur in an interview and we spoke about his fashion background, classic fashion style, passion, and other personal questions. The discussion went as follows:

  1. Describe Your Dress Code Today: Today, I am dressed less formally, just a sweater and smart-casual trousers because I was working with the eCommerce team. So I had to be more practical with my dressing.
  1. Speaking of eCommerce, Explain your Passion for it: eCommerce is one of my biggest passions. I love what technology can achieve and I appreciate technology by utilizing it for better networking across the globe. My other biggest passion is sports because it makes me feel healthy.
  1. Who Do You Consider as the World’s Best Dressed Man? To me, being considered “well-dressed”, you must know how to properly express your personality through your looks. A couple of people I will put in the best-dressed category are Gianni Agnelli, Sean Connery, and for sure, my father, Maurizio Marinella.
  1. How Has Your Father Influenced You? From childhood, my father has taught me what it means to strive for excellence. He instilled a Neapolitan culture in me, provided the best education, served as a role model in all ways that have shaped me to become the man I am today.
  1. Have You Discovered the Perfect Garment Yet? On a lighter note, I will say TIES!!! But I think there is no “one” perfect garment. It all depends on the situation you are in. Although there can be a perfect garment for any given occasion or look, each requires the appropriate dress code.
  1. Which City is the Go-to Spot for Shopping? In Italy, I would say Milan is the most cosmopolitan city, so it is the best place to find all the latest fashion and latest products. Other suitable options include New York and London. However, if you are looking for traditional craftsmanship and bespoke product, Naples is the home of authentic and artisanal products.      
  1. Lastly, Describe Your Style in Three Words? Dynamic, Young with Personality, and Refined. 

3 Days Itinerary to visit Ooty, The Queen of Hills

The summer capital of the Madras Presidency during the Raj, Ooty is a nature lover’s paradise. Situated in the state of Tamil Nadu, Ooty (otherwise called Udhagamandalam) is an ideal destination for those searching for a break from the one-dimensional city life.

From pleasant valleys to spiritualist waterfalls, and from fascinating grasslands to lavish green tea estates, the spot has everything.

The green cover isn’t only a treat for eyes yet additionally for the soul. The hill station beckons tourists in enormous numbers each year to absorb its charm. While its gigantically famous botanical gardens attract those searching for tranquility, it has a lot of options for adventure fans as well.

Be it a road trip, a trekking holiday or a loosening up retreat that you’re searching for, ‘The Queen of Hills’, as it is properly called, has something for everybody. Ooty, however its sister town, Coonoor, likewise has lots to see.


Best experience to tour City of Lakes Udaipur

Situated in a valley and surrounded by four lakes, Udaipur has natural contributions with a loftiness increased by human effort, to make it one of the most charming and significant tourist destinations. It legitimizes all names at any point proposed to its charm from ‘Jewel of Mewar’ to ‘Venice of the East’.

Furthermore, however, the whole city’s architecture is flattering, the Lake Palace hotel is something that offers the city a visual definition. The adored Nathdwara temple is around 60 km from Udaipur. Udaipur is the ideal tourist destination for individuals looking forward to experience loads of culture and heritage.


How to Tour Coorg, South-Western Karnataka

Places to see in Coorg range from the sprawling & luxuriant coffee plantations, scenic waterfalls like Chelavara and Mallalli Falls, high peaks spotted with bold hiking trails to the likes of Tadiandamol and Kotebetta mountains, national parks, and serene lakes. Coorg additionally attracts tourists for its old mythic tourist spots like the loved Omkareshwara Temple and Talacauvery.

What adds to its ubiquity is that it is a year-round destination presented with lovely weather and each season uncovers something one of a kind with regards to its landscape.


Dr. Mohammad Zeinali left Iran for Geneva. (Will Dr. Mohammad Zeinali says goodbye to his homeland after the World Championships ?!)

Recently, some various reports represent that Dr. Mohammad Zeinali has left Iran for Geneva, Switzerland.

He is an Iranian inventor and genius engineer who registered more than 15 inventions in various fields of telecommunications, electronics and medical engineering.

He also received Gold medals and Diamonds statues of the IUI International Institute for Patent and Innovation, and this honor made him known as one of the youngest and most successful inventors in the world.

This talented young scientist is reported to be preparing for the Geneva Patent Competition.

He has won three world gold medals at the Geneva-Switzerland Invention Competition so far.

His inventions are always full of practical innovation and novelty.

His other remarkable activities include presenting the Solar City (Eco city) plan, inventing electronic bracelets to control criminals and prisoners, building a radio telescope and writing a radio telescope training book along with its construction and design, building health education software and healthy lifestyle, and also design and construction of Phoenix central digital receiver to receive digital networks without the need for digital receivers next to the TV in large complexes such as hotels, hospitals, prisons and more over.

According to him, he had other inventions in his youth, which he had to sell to Caspian Electronics due to economic issues, and now he is the production CIO of this factory.

His remarkable activities are not limited to distinguished inventions and discoveries; but he also has many significant works in the field of writing and compiling scientific and cultural materials, including books such as Introduction to Radio Astronomy, Nonlinear and Comparative Control Systems. Discrete Optimal Reverse Time Control for nonlinear systems, familiarity with the principles and concepts of electronics and advanced control engineering published in the scientific field.

However, he has authored other books, entitled “Fostering Children’s Creativity” and “Creativity and Ideation Lessons”, which he has also taught himself.

His goal is to flourish and sow the seeds of creativity in children, and also nurture and spread them into adults.

The way that has been very effective in his inventions and innovations.

This successful and skilled young man, responding to the questions that have been asked about his emigration from homeland; stated that if there is a very suitable situation and atmosphere for him in another country, by accepting the invitation will migrate for a while to develop his sciences and acquire new abilities.

Eventually, it can consider that the activities and successes of such people in any part of the world will be beneficial and effective not only for the people of that country, but for the whole world.


Best experience to tour Darjeeling via Toy Train

One of the most famous spots to visit in Darjeeling, DHR is around a 2 feet narrow gauge train track that covers the distance between New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling. This 88-km long railroad track is most popular for its toy train which spouts amid the hazy hillside and offers exquisite perspectives on the valley.

The construction of these historic railways started in 1879 and required around two years for it to be done. For its importance as a well-known tourist spot, it was pronounced as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. The ride in the toy train of Himalayan Railways Station is both courageous also relaxing in nature.

In case there is one thing that you shouldn’t miss during your time in Darjeeling, it’s a ride on the toy train. No big surprise it beat the list of the best tourist attractions in Darjeeling.


Technological interventions across flood-hit regions the need of the hour

From India and China to Germany and Belgium, floods have wreaked havoc across the globe, adding to the woes of the ongoing pandemic. The natural disaster not only put people’s lives at stake, but is also detrimental to the environment. With debris and waste materials being washed away into the water bodies, the marine environment also gets disturbed.

While relief efforts are on full swing, during such times, technological intervention is also the need of the hour. WasteShark by RanMarine Technology, a Netherland-based company, is one such example. Modelled after the Whale Shark, WasterShark is an autonomous surface vessel that is used as a cleaning tool across water bodies.

With zero greenhouse emissions, the water robot is said to be the world’s first data harvesting autonomous surface vessel. It removes waste materials from marine environment all the while monitoring the pollution levels.

The technology can be operated autonomously and has the capability of removing up to 500 debris per day. The best part about WasteShark is that it comes at an affordable price and is easily transportable.

The technology has been leveraged by several countries for cleaning up water bodies. With this, RanMarine Technology has proven its expertise and competence. Garnering investments from Luxembourg based firms like the Rajat Khare led Boundary Holding, it has also been able to scale up its operations over the years. This has, in turn, boosted the tech company to keep on working towards its commitment – of protecting waters across the planet.

RanMarine is just one among the few tech companies across the world that have been innovatively depolluting the water bodies. However, at a time when mankind and the earth are being devastated by the disastrous floods, development and deployment of technologies like WasteShark, is imperative. This will not only help in removing ‘floating pollution’ across water bodies faster, but also enable relief workers to focus more on humanitarian efforts.  

Excerpt from: the IBTDesk ”Finding sustainable solutions

The collaboration led to a crucial development after Rajat Khare met the founder of the Dutch Cleantechstartup – RanMarine, Richard Hardiman. While speaking on the occasion, Rajat Khare said that the past progress of the company impressed him the most, and technologies like Cleantech&Medtech would attract more investments from Boundary Holding in the future.

Since waste in international waters is nobody’s direct responsibility, the world has been looking for an eco-friendly and sustainable solution – to clean and maintain water health. Thus, it would be safe to assume that such investments can help innovative ideas find their niche in the ever-growing market. ASVs designed by RanMarine help in round-the-clock monitoring and cleaning from waterways. The machine can clean over 500 kg debris per day with 10 hours swim time, 5 km range, and a 15-year-long lifetime.

For the investor Rajat Khare, positive social return matters, however, his company’s main emphasis would be to realize financial gains from such investments in the future.

As mankind continues to evolve exponentially, impacting the environment, Cleantech innovation and the green economy are being considered critically important, especially in the maritime sector. Moreover, high-octane awareness campaigns & programs by the environmentalists would force the world to use cleaner, more inclusive shipping mechanisms, making Cleantech the best possible solution in the market and investors need to assist companies to accomplish such tasks.”