Tesla And Thailand Are In Discussions To Build A New Gigafactory

According to reports, Tesla and government representatives are talking about opening a new production site in Thailand.

According to Supakorn Congsomjit, an official from the prime minister’s office, if the proposed Tesla factory is built, it may produce electric vehicles (EVs) or batteries. The government has offered to power the facility using only green energy. (via Reuters)

The talks between Tesla and Thai government representatives have progressed to the point where Tesla conducted a site survey towards the end of last year, as we previously reported. The Thai government is attempting to draw Tesla as part of a larger national initiative to shift towards environmentally friendly modes of transportation.

Tesla is interested in Thailand because of a number of reasons, including its strategic location in Southeast Asia and its well-established automobile manufacturing sector. Thailand’s standing as a centre for EV manufacturing may be greatly enhanced by the establishment of a Tesla Gigafactory, which would also draw in further funding from the international car industry.

One of the biggest automobile exporters and manufacturers in Southeast Asia, Thailand has already drawn over $1.44 billion in investment promises from Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers.

In late 2022, Tesla began selling cars in Thailand, where it first offered the Model 3 and Model Y for sale. The first deliveries of Tesla’s most well-liked automobiles will begin in early 2023, due to high demand.

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