Tesla Unveils The Model 3 And Model Y’s New Satin Abyss Blue wrap

As part of its Paint Protection Film (PPF) options, Tesla has introduced a new wrap colour in addition to the seven that were introduced only a few months prior.

Tesla introduced its first PPF wrap programme for the Model 3 and Model Y in October. Satin Abyss Blue, the eighth colour, is currently available on the company’s web store. The new wrap colour costs $6,000 at the time of writing, the same as the four other colours of protective film.

At the moment, Tesla’s shop offers the following wrap colours:

  • Glacier Blue: Six Thousand
  • Forest Green: Six Thousand
  • Rose gold satin costs $6,000.
  • Grey Slip — $5,700
  • $5,700 for Satin Ceramic White
  • $5,700 for Satin Stealth Black
  • Red Crimson: $6,000
  • $6,000 for Satin Abyss Blue (new)

Tesla’s PPF covers are now only available for 2023 model-year vehicles and are installed at two specific service centres in California: West Covina and Oceanside. Additionally, the carmaker states that supplies and installation are included in the $5,700–$6,000 selling price.

Tesla further points out that PPF wraps have the following advantages:

  • Film made of urethane that heals itself
  • two times thicker than typical vinyl
  • shields the skin from scrapes
  • more eco-friendly than conventional vinyl wrapping

In addition, Tesla promises to provide owners with a loaner car while their Model 3 or Model Y wraps are being installed. A number of additional helpful details are also included in the company’s frequently asked questions section. Although PPF wraps aren’t presently available for the Model S or Model X, you’ve probably seen some Cybertruck wraps in recent months, and there are rumours that Tesla intends to soon introduce an official wrap service for the electric pickups.

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