Tesla Will Give A $750 Discount And Three Months Of Enhanced Autopilot

Tesla has increased the amount of savings it offers through its referral program for both new and existing customers, which previously only offered free supercharging.

If they are referred by an existing Tesla customer, new Model 3 and Model Y customers can save an additional $750 off their vehicle’s purchase price and three months of Enhanced Autopilot beginning July 7, 2023.

The updated program is now described on Tesla’s website’s “Refer and Earn” page as follows: If your friend uses your referral link to buy a new Model 3 or Model Y: They will receive three months of Enhanced Autopilot and a discount of A$750 off their purchase price.

At the moment, the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y can be purchased with Enhanced Autopilot for $5,100. In addition to the standard autopilot, it includes the following features:

Explore on Autopilot
Auto Path Change
Savvy Bring
As a referrer, existing proprietors can get 10,000 reference credits which can be utilized to reclaim different Tesla items.

The following is a seven-step procedure that can be initiated from the Tesla app for those who are interested in referring a friend.

To recommend someone:

Open the app for Tesla.
In the upper-right corner, tap the icon for your profile picture.
Choose “Refer and Earn.”
Check out how much your friend will earn in referral credits, cash awards, and exclusive benefits for referring you for each Tesla product that qualifies.
Click “Refer Now.”
Select the friend you want to recommend from your contact list and send them a message about it. To send your referral link, you can also tap the share icon in the upper-right corner.
Credits will remain “pending” in the Tesla app until the Grant Date after your friend places an order.
The announcement of the revised referral program comes less than a week after Tesla reduced the prices of its models to their lowest level ever.

The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, two of the most popular electric vehicles in Australia, were both reduced in price by $3,500 across all variants.

Before the referral program bonus, government EV subsidies, and on-roads, the single-motor RWD Model 3 starts at $57,400. Additionally, the Model Y starts at $65,400.

With all of these price cuts and incentives, Tesla is now more accessible than ever, enabling thousands of drivers to make the switch to an electric vehicle sooner.

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