Tesla’s Steering Yoke Now Has a Centre Horn

For good reason, steering wheels have been around for a very long time. It’s a functional design. For the same reason, steering wheels have had centred horns for a very long time. Stalks have been a part of steering wheels for a very long time.

When it debuted the redesigned Model S with a steering yoke instead, Tesla was having none of those, and the company has been gradually but inevitably reversing course ever since. The circular steering wheel variant was first added again, after which it was set as the default, and now, surprise!, there’s a yoke with a centre horn! After all, miracles do happen.

Indeed, a new Tesla steering wheel has arrived, and it boasts a “new” function that has been present in all other automobiles for decades. To honk, press the centre of the yoke, which is where the Tesla logo is located.

But there’s still more! It appears that the yoke has more noticeable stitching throughout, and the construction quality is also improved. But there aren’t any stalks—perhaps Tesla is holding those for a later retreat. Thus, you are currently limited to using the force touch buttons.

So much for bringing about a revolution in areas that haven’t seen one in a long time for very good reasons.

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