– The American Rapper who redefined the art of hip hop

M City JR, a famous American rapper, is paving his way to success through his latest release – “PIZZA PIZZA”. He released this song on August 13 in 2020. It is a perfect mix of pop, disco and electronic genres. “PIZZA PIZZA” is that song which helped City to bring his lyrical talents to the mainstream. Many people, including the critics, have loved the track and are taken aback. Within a week, various copies of his newest album have already been sold out. 

PIZZA PIZZA” is hitting everyone’s playlists and is one of his refreshing projects on the hip hop sound. Unlike his previous releases, the recent album helped City to bounce back to prove everyone that he could also be on top of lyrics game. He has been a dominant force in the hip hop industry for years. Besides, he had contributed a lot to the hip hop industry individually and has helped pave the way for some of your favourite rappers.

The Early Days

M City JR was someone who used to make comedic songs video. Who knew that these songs written back in 2016 would introduce us to a world-class rapper? M City JR is a rapper, a singer, a songwriter, and a creator. His birth name is D’Andre Jamal Mason. He was born in a city named Detroit on October 27 in 1991. When he started his career, he initially started with writing music and had worked on various projects. These small projects did not gain him much popularity. But he never gave up. 

Moreover, Mason worked harder and harder for his goal and remained committed. It was in 2014 when Mason decided to release his first singles track – Grindin’. As it was his first album, so it did not become too popular. You must have heard this famous saying – “A hand is enough for a drowning man.” His first album was enough to kick start the confidence in him, and after that, there was no turning back. Grindin’ was a remix of Lil Wayne’s song. People started loving the remix version, and this landed him up in “10 Detroit Artists you should know in 2015.” 

Finding his way to the top

In 2015, an unfortunate incident happened. Mason met with an accident. This accident taught him one thing that no matter what one should never give up on their dreams and passions. He didn’t stop, and soon after his recovery, he shot a documentary video – “Road to Recovery”. He kept on going and going, and immediately after the incident; he released another single album – “Cake.” The album revolved around a boy who left his home at a very young age and came to Detroit to fulfil his passion. The projects depicted that City is desperate in achieving his dreams and tries to put his 100% effort. Let us go back to early 2015 when Mason released “Salmonella.” This album featured artists like Addub Da Gawd and Sino. 

Salmonella made him M City JR, but he was famous with the name City among his fans. In 2016, he released a surprise music video –“Addicted to My Ex.” It turned out to be a super-duper hit. The music video went viral and gained more than a million views on YouTube. People started to send him love from all across the world. 

M City J.R. – The businessman behind the music world

Apart from the contribution to the hip hop industry, M City JR is the founder of Yacht Club Social Network (YCSN). He formed it in collaboration with Geechi and CEO Waun. The YCSN branch is popular among people who love rap songs. His brand includes photography, music, collective, and apparel. According to the news report, City started to work with an international music promotion company known as the Royal Heir Entertainment. This company will help him to distribute his music exclusively to Asia.

M City JR comes under the list of most popular hip hop artists. M City JR has built a massive following of loyal listeners. When “PIZZA PIZZA” was released, his fans freaked out. “PIZZA PIZZA” debuted worldwide and is available on all media platforms. You can watch it on his official YouTube channel or listen to it online on Spotify and Amazon Music.

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