The Biggest Petrol Station In The World Just Opened: Go On A Tour

This gas station is not your typical stop with 120 pumps and over 350 employees.

On June 26, a massive grand opening of the world’s largest gas station attracted a large crowd to Sevierville, Tennessee, starting at midnight.

The newest Buc-ee’s gas station occupies a massive 74,000 square feet and offers barbecue sandwiches, fresh fudge, and even bathing suits. It is also open seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

When the new Buc-ee’s officially opened for business, NBC News correspondent Kathy Park was at the location just outside the Great Smoky Mountains to witness the spectacle.

A massive beaver serving as the popular chain’s mascot can be seen for miles along the interstate, making it easy to locate.

Since its 1982 establishment in Texas, Buc-ee’s has grown to become a distinct travel destination throughout the South.

Their signature brisket sandwiches and other fresh barbecue items can be found in the new store.

Randy Pauly, the director of barbecue operations at the new Buc-ee’s, stated on TODAY, “We slow-smoke it, we season it, and we get it out to the store and slice it up fresh right in front.”

The chain is betting on the growing number of people who take their time and use the gas station’s amenities. Customers spend an average of $69.95 per visit to their favorite gas station, according to a Payless Power survey.

Cleanliness, value for money, good food, and good service were cited by customers as the most important reasons they return to a particular establishment. Buc-ee came in at No. 1 in the survey for customer service and was named a Forbes Customer Experience All-Star in February.

The well-known barbecue, friendly staff, and spacious and clean bathrooms at Buc-ee’s were praised.

However, the newest Tennessee location won’t hold the record for long. Buc-ee’s is building a 75,000-square-foot location in Luling in the Lone Star State, following the adage that everything is bigger in Texas.

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