The Future of Real Estate With HighKey, One of Canada’s Most Successful Online Brands

2020 has brought a whole lot of uncertainty in regards to the real estate market. At the beginning of the pandemic and quarantine, The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) predicted a fall, but much to the surprise of everyone, the opposite happened. Properties are being bought and sold at never before seen rates, even setting records for the Manitoba province.

This has created opportunities for new home buyers, real estate agents, and property investors. Business is unexpectedly booming in Winnipeg’s real estate industry, and now is a great time to be making deals. On top of a strong market, appreciation rates and investments are secure, which has been a point of interest for Winnipeg entrepreneur Luke Lintz.

“We are barely affected by market crashes, there are no natural disasters, and the real estate market is always very reasonable,” he says about the city. Together with his brother and business partner Jordan Lintz, Luke launched HighKey Real Estate, the newest addition to their lineup of companies.

Since October of 2020, they’ve been purchasing properties around the area, including two apartment buildings. With one on Jefferson Avenue and the other on David Street, over $2 million-worth of renovations will be in the works for the next couple of years to bring value back to the investments. This project is valued at over $7 million, including the price of the properties and all needed repair work.

This process has been made a lot easier for HighKey Real Estate, thanks to fellow Winnipeg company BlackCardU. Established in 2019, BlackCard University is a real estate coaching business that readies members for the industry and provides the tools for successful careers. To date, hundreds of investors and trainers have enlisted the help of BlackCardU to take them to the next level.

The company is the lasting legacy of Stefan Aarnio, a highly successful real estate investor, self-made millionaire, and best-selling author of self-help books. Before his passing earlier this year, Jordan and Luke worked closely with Stefan on several different projects, which formed a network of connections within their companies.

Once HighKey made the move to enter the real estate industry, it was clear that BlackCardU would be their first choice for collaborative work. The team of professionals has been a big help in securing properties around Winnipeg, and Senior Strategist Damon Woodward played a big role in the apartment building deals.

Moving forward, HighKey Real Estate wants to obtain more apartment buildings, as well as luxury developments. But aside from expanding their portfolio, they want to provide their clients and friends with investment opportunities to grow their wealth and make risk-free moves in the industry. By then, a team of investors will be curated to provide extra opportunities and information to clients.

As 2020 comes to a close, the list of goals to hit for next year is expanding. For HighKey Real Estate, that’s especially true, as things are only getting started for the new company. There are still properties to buy and deals to make, so make sure to stay updated with them on their Instagram, @HighKeyRealEstate.

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