The latest smart home sensors from IKEA prioritise security and preventing water damage.

IKEA has maintained a good selection of smart home appliances, but it won’t be challenging the leading tech companies anytime soon. Three reasonably priced smart home sensors for everything from open doors to water leaks are among its most recent products.

The Parasoll door and window sensor is the first item in the lineup. It is possible to put it on your window or door, or indeed any other access point, and get notified if they open or close unexpectedly. Additionally, it pairs with an IKEA smart bulb directly. In relation to lighting, there is the Vallhorn wireless motion sensor that detects movement and turns on lights. Up to ten IKEA smart bulbs may be controlled by the sensor, giving you the freedom to select the colour and intensity of light. The Barding water leakage sensor completes the new product line. It functions to notify you of any rogue water before your floor becomes aware of it. The gadget has the ability to sound an alarm or send you a mobile notice.

Unless you are an intense colour enthusiast, the white and tiny size of the sensors helps them fit in better throughout the house. While every sensor can be used with the Dirigera Hub from IKEA, only Vallhorn is compatible with the outdated Tradfri gateway.

IKEA cites consumer demand for safe and cosy living spaces as the driving force behind these new offerings.Stjepan Begic, a Product Design Developer at IKEA of Sweden, stated in a statement, “Everyone wants to feel safe at home and we feel excited about entering a new smart product area that creates not only a better, but safer life at home,” Stjepan Begic, Product Design Developer at IKEA of Sweden, said in a statement. “We believe these products can provide our customers with peace of mind and a greater sense of control and comfort.” The three new gadgets are a follow-up to IKEA’s earlier air quality sensor releases, such as Vindstyrka.

The Parasoll will cost €9.99 in Europe, while the Vallhorn and Barding sensors will cost €7.99 and €9.99, respectively. The US pricing is not yet available. These figures may be somewhat higher or translate straight into USD. In the US, the sensors ought to be accessible in January 2024 (Vallhorn), April 2024 (Parasoll), and July 2024 (Barding).

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