The Multi Talented Engineer Danny Dhillon Is Also An Actor and Singer

Danny Dhillon is a popular name of a very humble and multi talented man named Gangadeep Singh Dhillon. He was born and brought up in Chandigarh but is currently residing in New York for work purposes. He really has a very unique outlook towards life and says that recklessness is never going to bring about positive results, life is all about planned paths that lead to success. Danny is currently working at Infosys as an engineer, and has done so for the past nine years. He received his higher education in Chandigarh and then soon enough got the job so he had to move to New York but he is surely an Indian by heart. He is a team leader at Infosys and does his job with great accuracy there.

Coming back to the personal and professional life of Danny, he is not just an engineer but also a singer and an actor. So, how does he do so many things and still remain motivated? Danny says, “In order to achieve all your dreams in life you have to take a lot of risks. For example, I decided to indulge in the entertainment industry also apart from the technological way of life. The struggle was pretty challenging but I never backed out. I just took a sip of positive tea and kept going because if I am going through a difficult situation, why would I want to stop? I would just keep going until and unless I have the final result which I want.” These are truly magical words which can motivate any and every person reading this.

Danny Dhillon is the maker of his own record label named Funky Fox Studios. Since he is a very motivated singer, he has released songs which range from the songs for emotional needs to party songs. His basic hobby was always composing, acting and singing and his love for this has led him do this. His another goal in life, apart from being a successful singer artist, is to make an NGO that extends its help towards the people who really want to study and have no means to do so.

Dhillon, though he is a busy man, Never forgets to express his love for his family members and always gives them equal amount of attention and time. They are his motivation and strength to keep working harder. Most importantly, he has great amount of respect and love for his fans too because they are the ones who approve of his work an make sure that they stay close regardless the circumstances. He tries his hardest to interact with them as much as possible and give them shout outs but it is not possible all the time since he is also a very occupied man. He wants everyone to remember, that, positivity is the key to everything!

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