The Tesla Model 3 Upgrade Is Recognised As A “Outstanding EV” By CarWow

This week, one automotive site revealed that two of Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs) had won awards in the Car of the Year competition.

CarWow named the updated Tesla Model 3, which was known as “Highland” while it was in development, the “Outstanding EV” winner on Tuesday. According to the journal, the updated Model 3, which is now available in many countries, has fixed some of the shortcomings of the previous model and is “right up with the best electric vehicles.”

Furthermore, the Tesla Model Y was the sole electric vehicle (EV) in the section and was awarded the distinction of “Highly Commended” on the list. According to the outlet, a greater number of individuals have seen the “practical and innovative” electric SUV thanks to its price plan.

All things considered, CarWow named the Volvo EX30 the winner of both the “Urban Living” and “Car of the Year” awards. The publication refers to the EV as the greatest all-around vehicle with a similarly alluring price range and as the best all-around electric automobile.

Mat Watson, Chief Content Officer of Carwow, also outlined the team’s rationale for the ratings, stating that they are intended to help buyers select the best cars for their needs.

“We’ve looked at everything from price and performance to efficiency, comfort, and practicality – the things that really matter to car buyers,” Watson stated in an effort to assist shoppers in making the best decision for them. “We have selected the vehicles that we believe set the standard in the industry and provide buyers with something unique, cutting-edge, and worthwhile for spending their hard-earned cash on.”

Tesla has won multiple honours for electric vehicles in the past, and since reintroducing the Model 3 in non-North American markets, many people have given the sedan excellent feedback.

Recently, Motor named the Model 3 “Highland” the Best Car You Can Buy in Norway.No, much like the EV manufactured in Shanghai’s Gigafactory is still making its way across Europe, Asia, and other regions.

In the meantime, the European company Parkers’ Company chose the Tesla Model Y as the Car of the Year, and it continues to be the top electric vehicle in significant, global auto markets. Additionally, it is anticipated to top all vehicles sold in Europe this year, if not the world.

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