Tips to be a successful entrepreneur, by Keala Kanae

As CEO and founder of Inspirean, a company that provides many consulting services to help customers to become better leaders of themselves and their businesses through our two-pronged approach focusing on both skillset (marketing, sales, operations) and mindset (leadership, self-mastery), Keala Kanae shares some tips to achieve success in the world of businesses.

This American entrepreneur has been featured in Forbes, Huff Post, Entrepreneur, ABC News, and won more than 7 awards from Clickfunnels including their coveted Centurion Award for doing more than $50M in sales on his way to $100M. All with years of experience in online marketing, sales funnels, and affiliate marketing since his decision to leave behind his past life as an employee of a coffee shop.

Keala launched Inspirean in 2016, which reached over $20M in sales in its first year. The high-paced, rapid growth and scale allowed him to gain a lot of knowledge about business, operations, management, leadership, scaling economics, business finance. This transformed him into a ‘great leader’, as he called himself, and an effective CEO that considers team building and culture building. 

“It’s the reason I can help our clients see fast growth while also seeing the potential pitfalls and obstacles ahead long before they’re a threat to the business and begin planning and/or adjusting accordingly”, said Keala.

For him, compliance with some steps helped him to stay afloat from the onset of the pandemic. One of them is not surrendering to the struggle because for Keala building a business is hard and there will be periods of self-doubt, uncertainty, fear, criticism, loneliness, disbelief, and a whole host of other things that make most people cower. “Leaders don’t have that luxury. Find peace in the struggle”, recommend Keala.

Also, Keala suggests that entrepreneurs have to be prepared for chaos, enhancing and innovating their businesses constantly and forging the character and mind required to achieve big ambitions. “There is no time for being comfortable. Keep your teams growing, improving their processes, increasing their efficiency, mitigating losses. Complacency is the enemy. Invest in your people. One day it will be their turn to invest in you”, explained Keala.

Other tips that these American businessman shares are the learning to see the hidden order in the apparent chaos when the challenges forge a successful entrepreneur with the character and mind required to achieve his big ambition, the learning to interpret and appreciate the data, where a good analysis of a company’s statistics derive to meaningful decisions with measurable outcomes, and the identifying when to get comfortable to do nothing because is important to stop the progress as the situation is unclear.

All these types can be useful for the crisis caused by the pandemic. Keala is a role model of withstanding these times by closing their physical offices and preparing more decentralized work environments and virtual teams since 2018.

Consequently, Inspirean managed to be the only company of its kind that focuses on both skillset and mindset as a dual approach to business growth, professional growth, self-mastery, and leadership.

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