Tokyo Motor Show Marks The Global Debut Of The Honda Electric Sports Vehicle Concept

The Honda Specialty Sports Concept, an electric sports vehicle concept, will be one of many Honda ideas on display at the Japan Mobility Show (Tokyo Motor Show) next month.

Concept for Specialty Sports might result in a production EV
Two ideas to emphasise sustainability
The SCe e-scooter will have battery-swap technology.

Concept for Honda Specialty Sports

One of the Honda brand’s show-stoppers will be the Honda Specialty Sports concept, but Honda hasn’t yet made any photographs or teasers available. We only know that this concept will be an electric sports car that might be put into production. Honda did display a brash-looking Sports EV concept during the 2017 Auto Show, but it is unclear whether that idea is related to the one displayed this year.

SUSTANIA-C and POCKET ideas by Honda

According to brand-released photos, Honda will send a distinctive concept hatchback to the show named the Honda SUSTANIA-C concept that resembles the Honda e in most respects. The brand also claims that acrylic resin, which is used in the concept’s construction, can be recycled and used again. A tiny motorbike designed with an eye towards environmental sustainability will also be brought by Honda. The Pocket Concept was created utilising acryalic resin, which is recyclable, just like the SUSTANIA-C.

Concept CI-MEV Honda

This prototype, which is essentially a two-door, two-seat EV, is designed for last-mile travel and includes innovative features like automatic driving technology. This idea was developed for persons who can’t walk vast distances or for locations without access to public transport.

Concept Honda SC e Scooter

A pair of Honda Mobile Power Pack e units power the electric scooter known as the Honda SC e, which also features battery switching technology.

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