Toyota Introduces the Fortuner in South Africa with Mild Hybrid Technology

One of the most well-liked seven-seater SUVs available for purchase in India right now is the Toyota Fortuner. Because of its dependability, this SUV’s demand seems to be unabated despite its high price. It’s an SUV that’s sold internationally as well. The Toyota Fortuner with mild hybrid technology was recently unveiled by the manufacturer. The South African market has seen the release of this updated Fortuner model.

The Hilux pickup vehicle debuted the Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV) technology last year. This new technology is comparable to that seen in Indian Maruti automobiles. It is a mild hybrid system that boosts fuel efficiency overall and helps the engine run at lower RPMs.

The 2.8-liter turbocharged engine diesel variant of the Fortuner is compatible with this technology. This engine comes with a 48V mild hybrid system and produces 500 Nm of peak torque in addition to 201 Bhp. This technology increases fuel efficiency, as previously indicated. The SUV’s stated fuel economy is now 13.15 km/l, which is somewhat higher than the non-hybrid model’s 12.66 km/l.

This technology is exclusively available from Toyota with the 6-speed automatic gearbox. The mild hybrid system is available for the Fortuner 2WD and 4WD models. Toyota has enhanced the international variant’s features in addition to the mild hybrid system. The Toyota Safety Sense ADAS Suite, 360-degree camera, slightly modified alloy wheels, and other features are now standard on the South African version of the Fortuner.

One of the SUVs with the largest fan base in India is the Toyota Fortuner. Because of its dependability, it has been dominating this market for years. There are currently few options available to consumers in this market, which benefits Toyota as well.

In the event that the Endeavour returns, Toyota may also upgrade the Fortuner’s features. To date, Toyota has not released an official statement regarding the introduction of this mild hybrid system in the Indian version. We do believe that this will be available, though, when the manufacturer releases the upcoming update.

Toyota provides the Fortuner with both petrol and diesel engine choices in India. The SUV’s gasoline version has a 2.7-liter engine, while the diesel version has a 2.8-liter engine. There are manual and automatic gearbox options for both petrol and diesel engine variants. Nevertheless, the 4×4 variant is the only one available.

In India, the cost of a Toyota Fortuner ranges from Rs 33.43 lakh ex-showroom to Rs 51.44 lakh ex-showroom. The top-end variant’s on-road cost is likely to exceed Rs 60 lakh. The Fortuner is a very well-liked SUV that is well-known among off-road enthusiasts.

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