TripleOne Offers Endless Opportunities

The issue with traditional companies as they are known is that everything is slow and bureaucratic. TripleOne, however, is a brand new decentralized model that is changing the game on a global scale. Created by the stellar entrepreneur James William Awad, the business offers unparalleled freedom of expression, enactment of ideas, and all the opportunities for growth that one can desire. This is why some of the world’s top talented individuals come to TripleOne, looking to pave their own way and create an exciting and limitless future.

TripleOne is a venture that allows users from every corner of the planet to work on projects together. They get to vote with “normal” or “power” votes, which determine whether they’d like to invest in and support a project or not. Some of the businesses that are being developed by TripleOne include physical ventures such as gyms and training facilities, hair salons, pizza places, and more. Then, there are digital investments that are entirely online.

All users get to participate and make joint decisions by casting their votes. What determines the number of votes that an individual has at the company is the work that he or she puts in. The more a user works, the more votes they garner and can cast them however they like. The “power” votes, as the name suggests, carry more weight in the company and can influence long-term decisions, which makes them a coveted possession.

The attractive aspect of TripleOne that excites people to join is that each individual determines their pay. At the end of the month, all of the points that they have accumulated are tallied up and they get paid based on those. 

The points you earn give you segments that are generated each month at a static rate. In which, these segments are permanently in your account. These segments also give you money every month without the need for time or work. You get segments based on how many points you and others have accumulated.

Unlike a traditional office with a set salary, every month is extremely exciting at TripleOne. One can work as little or as much as they want, knowing that they are in charge of their pay. 

TripleOne’s creator, James William Awad, is a natural born self-starter. He began programming when he was in his early teens. He was so successful that he built a phenomenal reputation and got inspired to create even more. TripleOne is one of his favorite accomplishments and he is extremely proud of it. “My idea for creating TripleOne was to offer never-ending opportunities to its people. We’ve heard that we are all in charge of our destinies, but the way traditional companies are structured goes directly against that understanding. So I wanted to start a company which really follows through on that dream. I want to create a fully-functioning decentralized system where people from the world can unite and decide the future of our generations. This is TripleOne to me,” he says.

Awad’s efforts don’t go unnoticed. TripleOne is attracting top talent on a consistent basis. People who want to work for themselves and feel powerful and capable are flocking to the company asking to join. This is truly a dynamic environment that values productivity, intellect, and passion over all else. TripleOne is demonstrating to the world what is possible and blazing the trail for a better way of doing business.

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