Astrofit Brings Personalization Back to Training

There are countless places that offer “personal” training in theory. But what most frequently happens in reality, is that trainers prescribe the same regimen to very different people with different bodies and goals. Astrofit is unique in this and many more aspects. The revolutionary gym based in Quebec, Canada truly offers personalized care and attention. From nutritional tips and personalized eating plans, to workouts that are specifically designed for their unique clients, Astrofit is deeply committed to guiding everyone in a way that responds to their likes, dislikes, and goals. Astrofit is owned by TripleOne, one of the world’s most successful decentralized companies where people unite to invest in and develop businesses.

Astrofit is a friendly and inviting space. Here, people of all ages and societal levels gather to become the best versions of themselves. It’s not at all uncommon to see a soccer mom training next to an actual professional soccer player. Busy entrepreneurs and people who work from home perform challenges together in an effort to train more efficiently and smarter as opposed to harder.

The community atmosphere at the Astrofit gyms is extremely unique and a major draw for those who aren’t sure where to start when it comes to fitness or those who need a strong support system. There is no sense of intimidation or shame at this gym, unlike most gym chains.

The facility has seven qualified trainers on staff, each of whom specializes in a different area. That way, they can cater to a large audience, because each individual responds differently to a regimen. Those who enjoy body resistance can have a special training plan devised by a trainer. Then those who want to bulk up by using machines will find everything they need as well. The facility offers brand new equipment for athletes of all levels. Here, everyone is, in fact, treated as an athlete, regardless of whether fitness is their main goal or a hobby.

Astrofit gained a large following during the pandemic when the gym began live streaming workouts over Instagram. No other fitness center demonstrated this level of care and involvement. This is how Astrofit gained loyal fans who later on became clients. The company’s goal is simple: to give the best possible support and service to its clients, and they go above and beyond to uphold that. 

Astrofit aims to be the all-in-one space for training. People no longer need to sign up for various health clubs because they will never get bored at Astrofit. Here, people come both to lose and gain weight. There are clients who want to improve their health, and others who want to exert energy and simply have fun. Knowing that, Astrofit is working continuously on creating diverse regimens in order to accommodate every single client. 

Progress follows quickly upon signing up for Astrofit, and that isn’t surprising at all. When following the adequate training schedule and diet regimen, every person’s body balances out and looks its best. Astrofit offers different levels of training, both semi-private to private, which, of course, is supported by a precise eating plan making nutrition simpler like never before.

To learn more about Astrofit, its locations and trainers, follow them on Instagram.

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