UI 6.1 Camera Features For Older Galaxy Phones

Yesterday, Samsung made the Galaxy S24 series announcement. The company has added a number of new features with this launch. Some of the more sophisticated photography functions seen in the new One UI 6.1 are among them.

However, not only Galaxy S24 smartphones will be able to take advantage of One UI 6.1’s new camera functions. Samsung has revealed that a significant portion of them will be available for older smartphones.


Better Single Take mode is one of the One UI 6.1 camera enhancements introduced with the Galaxy S24 series. Before snapping a picture, users may now select from four different zoom levels. The available options are ultrawide, 3x, 5x, 10x, and 1x. There were no zoom settings available for this mode in the past.

Furthermore, One UI 6.1’s Single Take mode can provide more outcomes, including pet recognition. This implies that using this option will allow you to capture better photos and videos of your dog or cat. It is already included in the Galaxy S24 series, as was previously mentioned. The S23 lineup, S22 family, Z Flip 4 and later, Z Fold 4 and later, and Tab S9 lineup will all get it, though.


A new long-exposure feature is available for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. It enables you to apply a long-exposure edit to an image using the editing features of the Gallery app. It obviously won’t function with every picture in your gallery. Rather, editing is limited to photos taken with the Motion Photo function activated.

This feature is a close match to the long-exposure capability seen in the most recent iPhone models. The Apple phones’ cameras recommend a long-exposure shot when you take pictures with Live Photos turned on. Of course, using the Pro mode makes it simple to take a long-exposure picture. However, One UI 6.1’s feature makes things a little simpler.

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