What A Maruti Suzuki WagonR X Off-Road Ready Might Look Like [Video]

Even after 25 years, the Maruti WagonR, which has been a household name in India for more than 20 years, still wins people over. Because of its enduring appeal, digital artists who enjoy recreating classic cars find the Maruti WagonR to be a highly desirable subject. We explore a fascinating idea today: the Maruti WagonR X makeover.

Inspired by the daring “X” variations of Maruti Suzuki, the SRK Designs YouTube channel has created a very special rendering of the Maruti WagonR. The WagonR X and the CelerioX share a similar design ethos.

The front undergoes the most noticeable change. The WagonR’s rounder headlights have been replaced with angular, rectangular tri-beam LED ones that coordinate with the DRLs. The factory little grille gets replaced with a large, glossy black grille that has strength and a sense of purpose.

Functionality is enhanced by the LED fog lamps on either side, and the car’s ability to travel on any road or no road is demonstrated by the sturdy skid plate that rests beneath the sleek bumper. The WagonR’s new look radically changes the car’s personality and gives it off-road capability.

The tall boy attitude that has come to be associated with the WagonR X is still present. As a result, the automobile has a commanding perspective of the road and plenty of headroom. Nonetheless, the WagonR X’s blacked-out roof rails and side pillars enhance the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal. The standard wheels are swapped out for sleek black alloy ones that offer better traction and a more aggressive stance.

On the roof is a huge luggage carrier with a separate, covered compartment that is a highly conspicuous addition. This modification enhances the car’s sense of adventure and makes it more utilitarian by offering plenty of room for luggage or other items. The WagonR X concept automobile envisions the standard WagonR as an all-arounder that can be utilised for weekend excursions as well as daily transportation.

The overall look of this car is striking, even though the back is hidden. It demonstrates the incredible inventiveness of auto designers and how they can turn everyday cars into things that nobody could have imagined. The WagonR X, while only a concept, raises interesting questions about how consumers’ requirements are evolving and potential future product offerings from automakers.

The WagonR X idea raises the question, “Do people want a car that’s good for adventures as well as the city?” There’s probably no easy answer. Although this may not be the precise vehicle that Maruti Suzuki builds next, it does demonstrate the growing need for vehicles that are both practical and enjoyable. These concept cars are like intriguing ideas that help us anticipate what future cars might be like — cars that are both practical and adventurous – as automakers continue to make modifications.

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