What points should the editor observe? Iranian editor Javad Ghasemi says

Editing is the most important stage of film making that requires a lot of attention

To describe the editor, the title of the heart of filmmaking should be mentioned, therefore, Javad Ghasemi points out some key concepts

The first part is the selection of images

Another part is determining the sequence for the show according to the story or theme

The last part is the final order or the creation of continuity and exact rhythm to the scenes and sounds, in order to create the greatest dramatic effect and emotional tension.

Javad Ghasemi says editing and editing is actually the final rewriting to control the corrections that is done in the film.

Most of the general audiences of cinema have faced the question, who is the editor? In this regard, Javad Ghasemi mentions seven points regarding the film editor to convey the concept.

1_Staying on one shot in film editing

2_ Advancing the story

3_ The relationship between the editor and the director

4_ Compilation of bad rashes

5_ Editor’s attention to sound

6_Editing takes time

7_ Getting output in editing

With these tips, it helps the editors to edit the film more accurately

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