Why Transparency is This Entertainment Company’s Core Value

What’s something you feel everyone should know about MiraQle?

Most music companies are focused on distribution or production only. MiraQle encompasses the whole fan experience, not just what happens behind the scenes. We give them the ability to listen to and share music, vote on upcoming collaborations, and see how money spent on our platform is used. It’s a whole new universe that gives fans all over the world control of their experience.

What is MiraQle’s core value?

Transparency. We built this platform to share music with fans and to give them the chance to have a say in the music they listen to. Our technology and our platforms are all built with a fan-focused, transparent mindset. The traditional music production system is built on such

one-way input, and that makes it hard for the entertainment industry to produce diverse content for all kinds of fans.

How do you ensure transparency on your platforms?

We’ve implemented unique blockchain technologies into our platforms that allow users to see exactly how the tokens they purchase from us are being used. Giving fans that transparency is really important to us, and the same tokens work across all our platforms, which is incredibly convenient and accessible.

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