How 7SIX9 CEO Ross Lee Found Success in Ignoring Convention

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I started off working in the IT department of a MP3 manufacturing company, but realized that wasn’t going to take me in the direction I wanted my career to go. But I did have the perspective that allowed me to understand the technology behind the music industry, so I chose to leverage that into entering the industry from the front door, so to speak.

What about your approach to entrepreneurship was unconventional?

We first tried the conventional method of finding and nurturing growing talent, but after four years and multiple failures, we realized we couldn’t compete with the huge competitors in the market. Instead of giving up, and despite losing all our investments and capital, we tried something new.

What did you do differently in order to find success?

Instead of trying the same methods as our competition, we decided to try a different approach to get the same results. We believe ourselves to be producers of good music, so we paired established artists up with rising stars to create amazing music. That’s how we stood out.

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