XPeng AeroHT’s Certified Modular Flying Car Design is Getting Closer to its Launch Date

The massive Chinese automaker XPeng has revealed that it has received design certification for its next flying vehicle. Aero HT, the company’s eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) division, is getting closer to starting flying cars for hire in China. With the codename X3-F, the forthcoming air module vehicle is now one step closer to being certified for flight and being delivered to customers.

At the company’s annual 1024 event last year, XPeng unveiled two new flying car concepts: the X3 and a modular EV that had the capacity to carry a separate eVTOL in its rear. The X3 was capable of autonomous driving, parking, and takeoff, having gained extensive knowledge from the company’s previous X2 “flying car.” Currently under development, the modular electric vehicle is expected to enter manufacturing in 2025, ahead of customer deliveries in China.

The new modular eVTOL from AeroHT will be able to navigate both the skies and the roads at the same time. The business claims that this is now “one step closer” to being accomplished with its modular flying automobile. The Civil Aviation Administration of Central and Southern China (CAAC) has accepted the Type Certificate application for the X3-F EV/eVTOL combination.

The eVTOL air module element of the future product, which consists of a 6×6 All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) ground modular for the EV, is expressly covered by the certification. XPeng AeroHT reports that the company is eager to pursue airworthiness certification now that it has obtained the design certification from CAAC.

Following approval, AeroHT will be allowed to start producing the modular eVTOL on a larger scale, with customer deliveries anticipated to start in late 2025.

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