A Close-Up On How The International Beauty Industry Awards Chooses Winners

Maria Williams

Creativity is paramount to compete, but in beauty competitions there are many working parts in the background. Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes? How does the International Beauty Industry Awards (the IBI Awards) distinguish the crème de la crème of beauty artisans from around the world? Let’s take a close-up look at the meticulous process that determines the winners of this prestigious global competition.

A Judging Council of Industry Experts

At the heart of the IBI Awards’ selection process is the Independent Judging Council. Composed of esteemed professionals from the beauty industry, this council brings decades of industry experience and discernment to the table. From accomplished hairstylists to renowned makeup artists, the judges are carefully selected to ensure a diverse panel that can appreciate and evaluate entries across various categories.

Anonymous Evaluation for Fairness

One of the standout features of the IBI Awards is the commitment to fairness. To create a level playing field, judging occurs anonymously. The Independent Judging Council assesses entries without access to identifying information, ensuring that the evaluation is solely based on the merit of the work. This anonymity helps eliminate any potential biases, ensuring that the focus remains on the artistry and skill of the beauty artisans.

Criteria For Excellence

The judging criteria for the IBI Awards are comprehensive, reflecting the multifaceted nature of beauty artistry. The four key criteria include:

1. Visual Success: Judges evaluate how visually striking and appealing the entry is, considering factors like composition, color harmony, and overall aesthetic impact.

  • 2. Technical Execution: This criterion assesses the technical proficiency of the beauty artisan. From precision in hairstyling to mastery in makeup application, judges look for a high level of skill and expertise.
  • 3. Creativity & Concept: Beauty is an art form, and the IBI Awards recognize and celebrate creativity. The judges evaluate the originality of the concept and the innovative approach taken by the beauty artisan.

4. Overall Impression: Beyond the specifics, judges consider the overall impression left by the entry. Does it evoke emotion? Does it tell a story? The holistic impact of the work plays a crucial role in the selection process.

Transparency and Independence

What sets the IBI Awards apart is not just the glitz and glam but the underlying principles of transparency and independence. Free from sponsors or brand influence, the awards remain true to their commitment to honoring beauty artisans for their talent and artistry. This independence ensures that the recognition bestowed upon winners is a genuine celebration of their skill and creativity.

The Prestigious IBI Award Statuette

For those who emerge victorious in their respective categories, the ultimate prize is the coveted IBI Award Statuette. Crafted with precision by experts behind iconic awards like the Golden Globes and Emmys, this statuette is a symbol of excellence in beauty artistry. What makes it even more special is its design, which transcends gender or origin, embodying the IBI Awards’ commitment to inclusivity.

A Celebration of Global Talent

The International Beauty Industry Awards‘ meticulous selection process ensures that the winners are not just beauty artisans but true artists whose work transcends boundaries. From the judging council of industry experts to the anonymous evaluation process, every step is taken to shine a spotlight on the best in the beauty industry. As we get a close-up view of this selection process, it becomes clear that the IBI Awards are not just a competition; they are a celebration of global talent, a recognition of the artists who paint the canvas of beauty with their creativity and skill.

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