A Video Shows The Xiaomi SU7 Parking Itself On Several Levels Of A Garage

The Xiaomi SU7 EV was revealed in China last week, and certain Xiaomi outlets currently have it on display. One of the many amazing aspects of the new Xiaomi EV is its ability to drive itself. There has been footage of the SU7 parked alone in a multi-story garage. The SU7’s self-driving capabilities are enabled by sophisticated Lidar, radar, and cameras.

In China, the EV revolution is gaining momentum, with new models hitting the market on a weekly basis. The new Xiaomi SU7 is distinct since it is the product of a tech business rather than an automaker. In 15 to 20 years, Xiaomi hopes to rank among the top five EV producers, having revealed its ambitions to begin EV production in 2021.

The self-parking video was included in the promotional materials Xiaomi made available following the SU7’s release. It depicts an autonomous SU7 parking in a multi-story parking garage in China. In the footage, the SU7’s driver can be seen pulling up to the garage’s entry and pressing a button on the infotainment system. After getting out of the vehicle, the driver let the automobile drive itself into the parking garage and up the various floors.

The car’s ability to get past a parked Audi A7 highlights its clever manoeuvring. The vehicle kept going until it got to the parking garage’s uppermost level. After that, it located a parking spot and backed into it.

The Xiaomi SU7’s self-parking video is still lacking a few optics. It’s not clear if the SU7 used its inbuilt navigation system exclusively or if the parking lot had been designed specifically to support these kinds of operations. If the Xiaomi SU7 could navigate across the parking lot using only its sensors and software, that would be a very astounding feat.

Auto-parking and hands-free motorway driving are verified features of the SU7. The Xiaomi SU7 may also be able to drive itself through urban areas with a software stack update. In the lead up to its later-year release in China, Xiaomi will keep releasing teases of the SU7.

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