Angel Milan Beats Collaborates With Surauchie To Give Us A Breath Of Fresh Air With R&B Mixtape “Butter”

Angel Milan Beats is a producer from Toronto, Canada.

His music is all about bridging the gaps between the appeal of pop and the warmth of the best R&B music, going for a catchy and warm tone! Recently, Angel Milan Beats collaborated with talented artist Surauchie in order to release a brand new R&B Mixtape titled “Butter.”

This mixtape truly stands out as a breath of fresh air on the music scene and it is exactly what we needed in order to finally shake up this genre from being stuck in a rut! This can be the best thing to happen in the R&B music scene in quite a while, and Angel Milan Beats created a perfect synergy with Surauchie!

Find out more about Angel Milan Beats and Surauchie, and more importantly, listen to this amazing new mixtape on the web!

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