Captivating millions with her colossal hits is Shiva Nosrati. Spiraling her way to the top in the music niche with her mesmerizing track – “Dige Dire” by Shiva Nosrati.

There is no doubt in the fact that young talented budding professionals have left the world awestruck with their sheer talent and capabilities. There is no sector or domain which has not seen the young talents go beyond boundaries to prove their mettle and showcase their grit to the rest of the world. Be it be the Business world, Retail, Healthcare, Media, Entertainment, IT or any other sector, passionate and driven professionals have taken huge tasks and responsibilities on their head and in the end have emerged victorious.

Entertainment and music industry as a niche has also been at the forefront of producing genuine talents and gems year after year. With saturation building up within the music industry as well, there has been an equal rise in number of music professionals coming on the center stage and exploring boundless opportunities. We met one such passionate music artist making a special niche and name for herself in the industry, Shiva Nosrati.

The young music artist is enthralling millions of audiences in India and across the globe with her pro-found music skills and creativity. Being inclined towards the music sector since childhood, Shiva was sure about the fact of choosing it as a long-term career option and profession. Embarking on this special musical journey, Shiva hustled hard in life, practicing for hours and hours, and working on honing her musical art and craft. All of her hard work and dedication has paid off today when she has emerged as one of the most seek and sought-after music professionals in the country. Garnering much love from the audiences, Shiva has developed a huge loyal fan base of followers who eagerly wait for her next song release.

Her recent tracks are still on the mouth of massive listeners which includes -Tavaload, Khooneye Akhar, Me Ashaghe To Hastarom, Dige Dire, Yaghi, Gole Khakestari and Tamare bi Javab are the most successful tracks. Which has changed her life stupendously.

With many exciting projects in pipeline, Shiva is all set and geared to take over the entertainment industry by storm going ahead as well.

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