Chef Faisal Ahmed Aldeleigan: Being A Prominent Food Entrepreneur, He Carves Out Top 3 Tips For Budding Chefs To Become Successful.

To become a success story, one must learn from people like Chef Faisal to know how to go about it.

First becoming a talented banker, receiving many certificates & promotions & then acing the game of being a culinary expert, all this & more is what Chef Faisal is all about. To understand one’s passion & to have the courage to shift from a well-paid job to a business that needed to be started from scratch is something not everyone can achieve in life. Hence, it becomes imperative to know the success tips from a successful entrepreneur who only followed his heart & triumphed in his field. Let us have a look at what Chef Faisal wants to share:

  • Be there for your team: To be in support of your employees & your team members is very important as their success is integral to the success of your company & yourself. Helping them solve their doubts or queries is essential to gain their trust & with a team in sync, you can achieve all your goals as a company, believes Chef Faisal.

  • Don’t be afraid of failures: Even after you achieve the status of a celebrity chef, there are chances you could fail with your recipes or dishes or your business ideas. The point is to not get afraid of failing. An idea which may not have worked today could be the best innovation from your side in the future; one must always remember this says, Chef Faisal.

  • Keep moving, keep developing: Getting stuck in a rut is not the answer to becoming successful in life. Move out of that comfort zone & keep moving forward with your newer ideas that can develop your business more, suggests Chef Faisal.

The food entrepreneur with his Chef Faisal Consultancy firm helps chefs & multiple other restaurants in KSA & Bahrain to grow their business. This attitude of his to help other rising establishments flourish is a quality possessed by only a few. Even today after achieving the status of a celebrity chef who is also a member of the World Master Chefs Society, he walks along with other chefs & keeps the attitude of learning from each other.

Till now, he has already provided more than 100 consultancies for many establishments across Bahrain & Saudi Arabia to not only help chefs with menu engineering but also take care of their overall training & development.

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