China Is Seeing A Rise In Demand For Samsung’s Inflexible Smartphone AMOLED Panels

The price of AMOLED panels has reportedly increased in China because to the enormous demand for flexible panels for high-end smartphones. As a result, manufacturers of low-cost smartphones are now using more robust AMOLED panels.

According to the article, Samsung Display is reportedly experiencing a surge in sales of its stiff AMOLED panels to Chinese smartphone manufacturers, primarily Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo. Samsung’s stiff AMOLED screens are taking the place of LCD screens in these smartphone manufacturers’ designs because the price difference is currently negligible.

Everdisplay and Visionox are two other Chinese manufacturers of rigid AMOLEDs, although Samsung dominates this market sector and can create high-end screens in large quantities for comparatively cheap prices.

This is an intriguing development, as analysts had previously predicted that the market for rigid AMOLEDs would contract due to the several advantages of flexible OLEDs, which include, of course, reduced weight and thickness as well as flexibility. We revealed earlier this year that Samsung Electronics is using more robust AMOLED screens in their low-cost smartphones.

It is predicted that this year, OLED smartphone displays will account for more than 50% of the market. This will mark the first time that AMOLED, after years of LCD dominance, will overtake OLED as the most popular smartphone display technology.

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