The First Wireless Transparent OLED TV In History Was Presented By LG At CES 2024

Every year at CES, LG generally has a tonne of new TVs on display, albeit most of them are the more conventional flat panels. In addition to the M- and G-series improvements, the business is launching something very new in Las Vegas this year. The OLED T, which boasts 4K resolution and LG’s wireless audio and video transmission technology, is billed by the firm as the first wireless transparent OLED TV. A contrast screen that rolls down into a box at the base of the device can be raised or lowered by pressing a bottom button.

LG’s new Alpha 11 AI processor, which has four times the performance of the previous generation chip, powers the OLED T. According to the business, the additional power provides 30% faster processing speeds and 70% better graphics performance. The company’s Zero Connect Box, which made its debut on the M3 OLED last year, is compatible with the OLED T model and allows wireless audio and video transmission to the TV. Instead of connecting to the TV, you link all of your gaming consoles and streaming devices to that box.

Along with a few other parts, the base of the OLED T holds the surprisingly good-sounding down-firing speakers. Backlights are also available, however turning them on will give the appearance of complete transparency. According to LG, there will be wall-mounted, against-the-wall, and standalone TV options.

Some of the OLED T’s initial sights are a little unnerving. Naturally, a miniature version of the performer on the transparent display gave the impression that she was in the room. A fish tank, for example, had a little nicer appearance, and the movie clips had clear, vibrant images. On the OLED T, LG also installed what it refers to as the T-Bar, which adds a chyron-like mix of song names, news, weather, and other information at the bottom while leaving the remainder of the screen blank.

At CES 2024, Samsung also unveiled a transparent TV; however, it is a Micro OLED model. It appears to be bright and sharp as well, but neither the price nor the release date have been disclosed. While LG has not disclosed a price, it has stated that it intends to begin selling OLED TVs in 2024.

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