Data Transmission Certification is Achieved by Asiana Airlines in China

As required by China’s Personal Information Protection Law, Asiana Airlines declared on Monday that it has become the first domestic airline to receive the Certification of Cross Border Transfers of Personal Information.

This certification attests to the business’s compliance with the strict guidelines required for the safe management and transmission of personal data outside of China.

The accomplishment comes after China’s July 2022 adoption of the Measures for the Security Assessment of Outbound Data Transfer, updated information protection legislation. These rules, which call for a different certification procedure, are intended to protect personal data that is gathered within China by guaranteeing its safe transmission and handling when it is sent overseas.

The business was formally recognized for its legitimate collection, secure administration, and operational treatment of customer and employee data earlier this month when it successfully completed the last evaluation process. The airline operates in the Chinese market, and the accreditation covers 65 categories across 12 major systems.

This achievement establishes a precedent for industry compliance with cross-border PI transfer regulations and is a critical step in the compliance with international data protection laws.

 Chief information security officer Yun Chan-ui of the corporation stated, “As the enforcement and strengthening of personal information protection laws are rapidly applied worldwide, it is important to proactively understand and respond (in a timely manner) to the laws and regulations of each country. We will continue to enhance customer trust with a robust information security system,”

Asiana Airlines has continuously upheld the Information Security Management System certification since 2013, which was granted by the Korea Internet & Security Agency as a benchmark for domestic information protection.

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